Chances of D.O.A. CPU & Both sticks of ram?

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Sep 1, 2017
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  1. Obvioisly a slightly rhetorical question, since I know the answer is "Slim".

    Just bought a new system and was super stoked to put it together. Upon doing so and trying to post I was getting no response from USB ports, no HDMI output, and no BIOS. Motherboard is an MSI x370 Gaming Plus. It has "EZ Debug LEDs" that are indicating "CPU is not detected or fail" as well as "DRAM is not detected or fail". Processor is a brand new Ryzen 7 with a Kraken x62 liquid cooler. I re-seated the CPU and tried every varion of Single and Double RAM in the DIMMA2 & DIMMB2 slots. In every iteration both lights showed up. Power seems to be connected properly. PSU starts up, Fans starts up, CPU cooler starts up. But no audible beeps or bios.

    I can't imagine my CPU and BOTH sticks of RAM are actually DOA. What should I try next?

    Link to build:
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  2. Cycloid Torus

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    Not saying this IS the case, but had similar issue some years ago. I had bought a motherboard with a BIOS which was not up to date enough to run the CPU that the marketing said that it could.

    I would focus on motherboard and seek help directly from MSI support.

    Your troubleshooting tree will probably require many component swaps, so you may want to keep detailed notes.

    I might start with trying out the PSU in a "known good" system. Once PSU is 'proven', I might try motherboard with ONLY CPU and CPU fan (no RAM, no USB components, no GPU). This is where I hope MSI can offer an 'error code' ladder to climb your troubleshooting tree.

    To make this all a bit easier, pull mobo out of case and do this on bench.
  3. MaikuTech

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    Try this to rule out it is not a motherboard problem.
    Remove the cpu first, next plug in the power cord, hit the power button.
    If you do this the motherboard should "NOT" come on as it cannot detect any cpu in it.
    If it does this there is a direct problem with the mobo you will need to contact msi for a rma replacement.

    Put the cpu back in, remove your ram sticks, power up the machine.
    If the mobo is working it will detect no ram and beep as follows.
    5 beeps +1 no long one indicates no memory that will be good news for you.
    Because the mobo works, put your ram back and try it again.

    If it doesn't beep and no display on the screen or flickering lights on the keyboard to indicate prepost.
    The memory you have might be defective or you have the wrong one.
    You will need to contact the makers of the memory and msi to verify that.

    MSI does not have a memory compatibility list on their website so part of it is their fault. You may have the wrong memory indeed call them up and ask them .
    This memory brand mostly works best with msi mobo's over the years.
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  4. EternalWarrior

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    So I took the mobo out of the case so that all that is plugged in is the CPU, CPU cooler, GPU, & 24pin. I used 1 stick of ram (tried both) in the DIMMA2 slot. Same issue. No post, and both lights for "CPU" and "DRAM" still light up when everything powers up.

    Gave it the "10 minute try" and still nothing. : \

    Reset the CMOS, gave it another 10min try to post, still same problems.

    Took out Both Ram sticks and GPU trying to see if I could even get an error beep. Motherboard lights up when turned on, CPU fans start, but no beeps & both "CPU" and "DRAM" lights are on.

    Thinking the likeliest candidate is that the mobo doesn't support the RAM? But even when I took the RAM out and tried to boot the mobo with JUST the CPU in to try and at least get a beep error, there were no sounds. Mobo turned on, cpu fan started spinning, but no beeps and "CPU" and "DRAM" LEDs still lit up.
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  5. MaikuTech

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    Yes it would have to be the memory, read my last post and read towards the end.
    Ask msi next tuesday morning what the problem is, if they point out the ram you ask em which memory brand works.
    Right down whatever details they give you, send your memory back and ask for a refund.
    The downside to building computers is doa which every man and woman hates or buying the wrong item.

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