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Changed C drive's name to E by accident

By belcant2 ยท 11 replies
May 2, 2008
  1. Hi all, I am new here so nice to meet you.
    I have annoying problem. I was reinstalling xp and I created a new partition (not very familiar with what this means), and so now my c drive has changed its name to e. I have been to windows website none of the processes work (disk management ect), the computer just wont let me either delete the new partition or change the names of the drives. I know this is touchy buisness so I dont want to proceed until I know what I am doing.
    Any help would be much appreciated.
  2. ChaoticFlame

    ChaoticFlame TS Rookie

    Personally, I'd find it much easier to figure out what's going on here if I could see what Disk Manager says. You don't seem to have a very good grasp on disk terminology, so if you could take a screenshot of a fully expanded Disk Manager, (right click My Computer, select manage, on the right side of the screen choose disk management) then I can get back to you with much more specific advice.

    Edit: To take a Screen shot, press print screen on your keyboard, and then paste into an image program such as paint. Save the resulting file, and then upload it to a site such as photobucket which will host the image for you for free. (You have to sign up for a free account first.) After uploading to an image hosting site, the site will provide you with several links that you can use to post the image here on this forum.
  3. belcant2

    belcant2 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I got to disc management, dont know how to take a screen shot. Your right I am dont very familiar with disc terminology.
  4. ChaoticFlame

    ChaoticFlame TS Rookie

    Check the edit to my last post.
  5. belcant2

    belcant2 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    This is a laptop dont find the print screen not that I see.
  6. ChaoticFlame

    ChaoticFlame TS Rookie

    Alright, give me a make and model, and usually the button is abbreviated "Prnt Scrn" and is located somewhere around the F10 key.
  7. belcant2

    belcant2 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    got the image, thanks for that another thing learnt. Sure it will come in handy. I will attempt the other stuff.
  8. ChaoticFlame

    ChaoticFlame TS Rookie

    If you really can't figure out how to upload the image to a place like photobucket, just e-mail it to me here: TheChaotidFlame@gmail.com
  9. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 12,296   +1,372

    Technically, C: is the Drive Letter, not the name. Windows does not use Drive Names,
    as does Linux and Mac's

    You can give an HD a Label using the properties tab and it will show up
    on that specific HD regardless of the drive letter assignment, eg:
    my C: drive on a laptop has the label JB-LT-HD and under My Computer is shown
    as JB-LT-HD ( C: ) The goofy label then shows in a network of mapped drives to
    identify the laptop (LT) from my desktop JB-DT-HD.

    The Disk Manager will assist you in Assigning Drive Letters.
  10. ChaoticFlame

    ChaoticFlame TS Rookie

    Correct, but if I thought our poster would have understood that, I would have said the same thing.

    I get the feeling that during the XP reinstallation belcant2 installed XP onto a drive partition other than the one he/she actually wanted it on.

    I hesitate to make this assertion towards someone as unsure as belcant2 seems without actually establishing which drive partition is system, how many optical drives there are, etc. though.

    Still having no idea what Disk Manager actually says, I'm waiting for a screenshot or a particularly clinical description of what is actually present there. :/
  11. belcant2

    belcant2 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    No offence intented

    I got an email saying that I made some sort of threat to u? I am really confused now. I am guessing its about the second thread I made. All I wanted is to have more than one person helping me. The more suggestions the better. So I didnt mean to offend u. If I inadvertantly did then I am sorry. Thats the trouble with conversing indirectly, so easy to read things the wrong way.

  12. belcant2

    belcant2 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I beleive u are right I beleive during the XP reinstallation I installed XP onto a drive partition other than the one I wanted.
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