Check out this extremely complex credits warp glitch in Super Mario World

Shawn Knight

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I've always been fascinated with speedruns of classic Nintendo games, tool-assisted or otherwise. Considering the wealth of games available today, it's pretty incredible that people are still playing older titles like Super Mario World and coming up with new gameplay methods...

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I would say he has too much time on his hands, but after trying for about two hours or so to get the glitched mosaic piece in Dragon Age Inquisition I can't judge.
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It's cool that devs are passionate enough about this sort of thing to go through the disassembly process.


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You wanna know how pathetic I am? I daydream of mastering this technique, going back in time to the launch of this game, and mind****ing everyone.


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Maybe we can warp our bank accounts and make millions by placing a penny here, a dollar there, and doing it at the right times and places.