Chicago to get networked, sensor-equipped lamp posts

By Himanshu Arora ยท 6 replies
Jun 23, 2014
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  1. With the aim to improve the city's urban planning and safety, researchers in Chicago are set to deploy small metal fixtures attached to light posts that will be able to track patterns of people and their surroundings.

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  2. TheLastPanda

    TheLastPanda TS Enthusiast Posts: 77   +10

    I love how this is a few weeks after Watch_dogs came out.
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  3. Sniped_Ash

    Sniped_Ash TS Maniac Posts: 253   +108

    "The only imaging will be infrared, rather than video."

    That's just as bad, but in a different way. Also there's a Watch_Dogs joke to be made here...
  4. Who else expected a Watch Dogs reference?
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  5. RenGood08

    RenGood08 TS Booster Posts: 183   +13

    Hmm...I dunno how I feel about this. But it does make me think "OMG!! Big Brother is on the prowl."
  6. Capaill

    Capaill TS Evangelist Posts: 571   +268

    This is just to get you used to the sensors. Then They can replace them with discrete cameras and microphones and direct feeds to your Google Glass, until you are living in a virtual jail of Their making!
    It's the end of the world as we know it!!!
    <Screams and runs out the door>

    [The world is] changed, changed utterly.
    A terrible beauty is born.
    -- William Butler Yeats (1916).
  7. Did ubisoft have anything to do with this?

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