China debuts Beidou as GPS alternative, global coverage by 2020


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For over a decade, China has been developing its own world-wide positioning system in hopes of simultaneously distancing itself from foreign dependence and providing an alternative to GPS. China announced that…

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....why? why throw billions of $$$$$ into making your own form of GPS when the US has 1 just as good..


So they dont need to rely on the US.... also the US can shut down there GPS if they wanted to, which im assuming the Chinese want a guarantee of themselves. *cough* Military action *cough*

any who they got **** load of money so they can throw as much as they want.


I would like to solute all you Americans for sending 90% of your jobs to China. Furthermore, I'll solute you once more for purchasing 90% of, well, everything, from China.

Thank you for supporting a Communist country; even though you had lived 50 years in terror due to the commies.


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Seriously does no one see that all of this crap being pulled by China is simply systems to support independent military actions globally? Follows on the heels of the Chinese hackers setting up system failures across the globe with the years of hacking they've been doing. paranoia ? maybe, but it's exactly what 'we' talk about in the field when ' worse case ' scenarios are discussed.. and a paranoid is rarely caught by surprise.


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Guest said:
....why? why throw billions of $$$$$ into making your own form of GPS when the US has 1 just as good..
Don't forget Europeans are also developing their own system so they too no longer have to be dependent on US ................


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This is great and bad news:

Great: because it induces competition.
Bad: because more satellites orbit around the earth.


"My Galaxy S2 has GPS and I think that's what I'm going to stick with."

Seems like you're mixing something up here. All your phone is doing is using the GPS infrastructure that is developed by the Americans. China does not want to rely on that infrastructure as they want to be independent (and also have total control over the system themselves) so they developed an alternative system for their use.

Either way you're never going to use their systems anyway so... I'm still confuse as to what you're trying to say.