China is reportedly testing a facial recognition system in Muslim-dominated Xinjiang


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Citizen surveillance systems are pretty much the norm in China. However, the country's government will soon be taking things a step further. According to a Bloomberg report, China is currently testing facial recognition systems that will automatically notify authorities when certain watched individuals leave a designated 300-meter "safe area."

According to Bloomberg's anonymous source, this surveillance system is starting in Xinjiang, a Muslim-dominated region in China. The areas that will soon be under surveillance "comprise individuals' homes and workplaces," the source reportedly said.

As stated before, citizen surveillance is nothing new in China. Mandatory facial scans, satellite tracking systems and more are seen just about everywhere in the country - particularly at bus stations, grocery stores and other public locations. Back in February, officials in northwestern Xinjiang ordered citizens to install GPS trackers in their vehicles, saying that gas stations and bus terminals would no longer serve citizens without this equipment.

As daunting as the country's avid push for more surveillance may seem, Beijing has claimed in the past that their intentions are pure, stating that their goal is to "strike first" against Islamic terrorism, a strategy that picked up steam following tragic attacks in the country during 2013 and 2014.

Time will tell if these claims hold water but this could be a concerning development for many Chinese citizens in the interim.

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Boy if Trump suggested this, he would be labeled an even bigger racist than he is now.

I see a lot of false positive issues with these kind of systems. Probably would have better luck with drug sniffer dogs being taken around in public to find potential terrorists who may have a bomb on them or have already planted one. And since guns are essentially banned for civilian ownership you don't have to worry about that for the most part. However people will still find a way to kill if that is what they want to do.
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If I see that junk, they'll need a sphincter recognition system as I pull down my pants and 'moon' them
(with the $2 fake nose of course)


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Wow, could you imagine the moslems getting a foothold in the Communist "workers paradise" of China?


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Multi-million dollar system thwarted by a $2 fake nose. Have fun.

Get real. We are talking about Chinese overlords policing a repressed minority in an area with little or no external oversight and courts that are run solely for the benefit of the government.

The mere act of wearing some sort of disguise would probably result in a charge of terrorism, with years of jail time as a result (if you survived the initial interrogation)..