China now requires users of messaging apps to register with their real names

By Shawn Knight
Aug 8, 2014
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  1. In an effort to "obey the law and uphold the socialist system," Chinese authorities are now requiring users of mobile instant messaging services to register using their real names according to a story from state-run news agency Xinhua via The New...

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  2. Holotus

    Holotus TS Enthusiast Posts: 68   +9

    This is just sad to read, the Chinese are such sheeple unwilling to do anything about it. When a population gets to that size people just end up becoming livestock cattle being herded together towards nowhere.
  3. Well said Holotus. The Chinese government is feeble brained and pathetic. Russia, China, and North Korea form the "Axis of *****s". A sad testament to the current devolution taking place in far too much of the world. You have to wonder if any of the morons running these stupocracies have any clue of the minuscule proportion of their minds they are actively using. It would do them all some good to stare into outer-space each night and perhaps get a glimpse of their true identity.
  4. I suggest they just use generics such as:

    Nosig Nal
    Sum Wun No
    Wing Wing
    Nowan Zwer
    Uno nemus

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