Choppy and slow video playback when using HDMI -> HDTV

Are you getting pink green screens when connecting to monitor TV ?
that bug has not been fixed on long too. you must reset both to 1080p and see if the TV only supports 30 HZ. if it only supports 30 you must set (decoder to 30 Hz too.
see if there are something blocking fans.

clean it.
see if you're decoder not overheating. if it so old it will not support newest movie s codecs.
are you're screen 1k or 4k .
the decoder must then 1 st downscale to 1080p and then show it in lower format. try out 5k player VLC Media player K-Lite codecs.
As I said the codec does not support movie s do good. try getting a desktop PC with at least 4 GB GPU ram and try movie player on win 10. You can maybe running into a green pink screen bug on some screens to.
get a dp adapter and a screen thats support higher resolutions. a new CPU GPU to encode a SSD m.2 disk too. more ram inside laptop (max supported) sometimes the computer hardware cant live up to speed and BIOS Uefi support that give some older pc s a bug time. if computer are like this GPDR link you must get a pc desktop better laptop then this one .

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