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Choppy and slow video playback when using HDMI -> HDTV

By Kekkonen ยท 24 replies
May 7, 2011
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  1. Hi.

    I have a really strange problem that I cannot seem to fix.

    I recently bought a Sony Vaio E-series with an i7-processor, 1gb video card and 6gb ram. In other words, a computer that should have no problems showing hd-movies.

    As long as I watch video files on the computer it works perfectly even with 1080p-movies. However, if I connect my computer to my HDTV via HDMI the problems start. Movie playback is slow/choppy, the sound sometimes gets noise and because the picture is slow it gets out of synch. This happens not only with 1080p-movies but with 720p-movies that my old laptop wouldnt even have any problems with.

    I've tried several different players such as vlc, mpc och gom-player, i've tried updating my video drivers and I have tried extending the display, duplicating the display or even showing the display only on my tv with the same result.

    I've searched alot both on this forum and on the internet in general but I cannot seem to find anyone with a similar problem (or I just dont know what to search for).

    Any help would be GREATLY appriciated.

    Thank you in advance
  2. jorgee64

    jorgee64 TS Member

    Have you tried updating the graphics driver for your computer? My Dell Studio 1458 would do the same thing, but it would only do it when I set the display to extended.
  3. CAMusing

    CAMusing TS Enthusiast Posts: 179

    A video may not play smoothly for the following reasons:

    1. Your connection speed. As mentioned above, you'll need a broadband connection with at least 500+Kbps for the best viewing experience.
    2. Our servers may be experiencing high traffic. If this is the case, there's not much you can do. However, we are continuously adding servers to keep up with demand and improve your experience on our site.
    3. Your video download speed may be slow or inconsistent. In this case, you can try pausing the video until the entire stream is downloaded (the loading bar reaches the end of the player), and then, once the video's completely loaded try playing the video.
    4. Occasionally, an incomplete copy of a video can get stuck in your cache and never fully download. You can re-attempt the download of the video by clearing your browser's cache. You'll find steps on how to do this listed here.
  4. Kekkonen

    Kekkonen TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I'm not talking about streaming videos here. I realize why streaming videos might run slowly at times. I am talking about mkv, avi and similar files that are already on the computer and works perfectly as long as I dont play it on my TV via a HDMI-cable.

    And yes, my graphics drivers are up to date.
  5. Rabbit01

    Rabbit01 TS Evangelist Posts: 786   +58

  6. in the gate

    in the gate TS Rookie

    I am having this EXACT same problem. Video and audio play fine on my computer, but when I use an HDMI cable to connect to the TV even pandora radio, video on my computer and streaming video won't play. Did anyone solve this problem?
  7. tipstir

    tipstir TS Ambassador Posts: 2,842   +193

    Which HDMI cable version are you both using? V1.3 or V1.4? Also make sure the Cable is at higher quality. Amazon sells it's own HDMI cable works like a charm for me. I have Windows 7 64-bit, 8GB of DDR3 RAM in my brand new ACER/GATEWAY Slim Laptop no issues with i3 Dual Core. I even tested this on Android COBYUSA MID7015 and MID7042 Tablets via HDMI using Amazon HDMI Cable to SONY BAVIA HDTV. No issues. These tablets can play MKV @ 1080p.

    So back on the laptop side make sure you HDD is defragmented, system files are cleaned, chkdsk c: /f is ran. Don't use too much a large VRM file on your system today 1024mb is more than enough. Also check to see how much RAM is really free when you using HDMI out.
  8. Baxtex

    Baxtex TS Rookie

    Got the exact same problem here. Got a powerfull pc with all the latest updates but when I try to look at 1080p movies over my 10 meter long hdmi cable they become choppy and screen tearing. I have tried everything mentioned in this thread but nothing helps.

    Getting real annoyed by this.

    But it only happens when the camera is moving or flying over a large area/distance.(it's ni crap tv, Sony Braviva,payed 1800 euros for it last year.
  9. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 13,108   +1,590

    Ok; we're discussing viewing video files stored locally on the PC via a HDMI connected TV (ie NOT streaming via the Internet).
    Baxtex: "when the camera is moving or flying over a large area/distance" and you're viewing data directly from a camera or is it videos on the PC which contain views take with a moving camera (ie fast screen panning)?

    Kekkonen: I was thinking that the PC has a) too little free memory OR b) too fragmented HD (specific files).
    On (a), get a copy of Defraggler, run the Analyzer and then look at the File List (click on the column heading Filename to sort).
    Find one of your videos that has the symptom - - is it fragmented? Click on the box [ ] to select this file for defragmenting.
    Use Menu->Settings->Boot time defrag->click Boot Once
    • this choice will defrag the pagefile.sys and all of the registry files
    Now click Defrag Checked. When done, reboot. The defrag of the system files will take a bit so be patient!

    As you reply that video, run the Taskmgr to view memory and I/o performance.
  10. Baxtex

    Baxtex TS Rookie

    I'm talking about Screen Panning from the camera in the movie. Either when the camera is panning or Zooming, the picture seem to tear up and lag.

    My PC specs are:
    Intel core i5 2500k@4,5ghz
    8gb DDR 3 1866 mhz
    Radeon 6970 at stock.
    I Fragment my Drives about 1 time a week so it can't be that. Even put one movie on my SSD and it was the same problem. This does not happen on streamed videos from for example Youtube though, so I'm quite confused.

    I'm Using KPlayer as my main videoplayer but I have also tried it in VLC and it's the same problem.
    I have also tried to enable and disable all kinds of "Motion flow" and "600 hz" modes on the tv to se if that was the problem but it isn't.
  11. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 13,108   +1,590

    It's highly probable that is a problem with the source video, unless playing it directly from a file on the PC to the PC monitor is perfect. Even professional equipment can only capture so much motion.
  12. Zeutrinox

    Zeutrinox TS Rookie Posts: 32

    Have you guys thought of cleaning the HDMI I/O on both of your devices? :p
  13. Baxtex

    Baxtex TS Rookie

    Nope, but a digital cable either work or doesn't work, there is no middlething.
  14. Anvesh Kurapati

    Anvesh Kurapati TS Rookie

    The problem is not with, graphics software or fragmentation, or system configuration.
    It is the HDMI interface problem. I didnt try any new HDMI cables, but I am sure the problem is the interface. The resolution, refresh rate, and settings of the TV I think are the problems
  15. captaincranky

    captaincranky TechSpot Addict Posts: 15,166   +4,116

    I hate to say something as strong as, "it can't be". But I'll take a chance here. The TV's HDMI resolution and refresh rate are locked based on the source. You can't even change aspect ratio on an HDMI input, that's fixed as well.

    TS needs to make sure everything is OK with an HDMI source, such as a true Blu-Ray player, or an upscaling DVD player. If either, or both of those work OK, then you've got the problem isolated to the computer.

    Keep in mind that those sources are fixed file types, (DVD-Video etc.).

    TS you probably have, but I have to ask. Have you gone through the video driver and made the correct settings for output to TV?

    Second, instead of the exotic computer type file extensions you've been using, rip a DVD to your HDD, and try to play that back.
    And sure, try another cable while you're at it.

    Is the sound coming across alright?

    And also, there are, (I believe), two different video drivers when HDMI output is involved, because of the composite sound carried piggyback on the HDMI signal. This is not present in a DVI or Display Port output.

    In other words, if the TV has a DVI input, you have to provide a separate cable to the TV for sound.
  16. tipstir

    tipstir TS Ambassador Posts: 2,842   +193

    Intel Graphics on that laptop, I think might be able to help you out there.
    Are you running the video from the HDD or another source?
    Download MS Process Explorer install that and see what's loading when your running through laptop to HDTV.
    Might also have to clear out the system completely. Not just clean out junk but free-up RAM
    Something is conflicting your experience with your laptop to HDTV.

    I use the Intel laptop running i3 with 8GB of RAM as DVR using Windows 7 PM 64-bit with MCE
    also run second laptop running AMD P300 with 4GB of RAM as DVR using Windows 7 UT 64-bit iwth MCE
    Both of these laptops are connected directly to SONY 40-inch and 46-inch via HDTV using HDMI.
    The only time I have what you have is when the system is clogged. These two laptops are running 24/7 since they record off HDHomeRun Quad Network Tuners.

    Unclog the systems

    1. Slim Cleaner Free
    2. System Ninja (not daily only when I need it)
    3. Jet Clean
    4. Wise 365
    5. Free Windows Tuner
    6. UnCleaner

    Process Explorer will show what's hosing the system also. Terminate that process or go in services.msc and disable it. Like HP laptops they like to track you so untrack the laptop. Just way too much stuff running on these laptops today. Did you clean out the bloatware on your laptop you just got.

    Bloatware Removal

    Norton Removal Tool
    PC Decrapifer
    Slim Computer
  17. fast_motion

    fast_motion TS Enthusiast Posts: 29

    It's not your computer that is the problem or hdmi cable or something else... you can't run full hd (1080p) movies on an hd ready tv which can only support 720p and to be honest I've read a handful of reviews and it seems that the difference is not much anyway and it's more of a hassle if anything to watch full hd movies ( due to needing a full hd tv which for some people can be out of financial reach ).
  18. Naeem

    Naeem TS Rookie

    Just make sure that only on desktop background is selected.Keep only one one wallpaper in the desktop. Right click on the Desktop,then select personalize,then click desktop background.Make sure u select only one wallpaper.Then it wont lag when watching hd movies 720p or 1080p.In extended mood.It might go out of synce in case of audio so try using thew pcs audio.This actually worked for me.Trust me try this
  19. RAMJAC

    RAMJAC TS Rookie

    Just want to thank Naeem. I made every adjustment possible within VLC to no avail.
    Dropped my complex background for a nice mono color and all of my buffering problems disappeared!
  20. dkbroadband

    dkbroadband TS Rookie Posts: 25

    Pardon my ignorance, but did you try connecting the same set up to a different TV? Or even switching HDMI wires? HDMI wires come in different standards, sort of like USB - they are not all build the same. Also, what about changing HDMI inputs on the TV itself?? LAst, but not least some, or actully most of the new generation TVs require and update from time to time (there should be a USB input in the back of the TV meant for that), maybe that would help?
  21. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 13,108   +1,590

    Sorry, there's tons of marketing hype on hdmi cables, but save your money - - the ALL work and none any better than the others :sigh:
    Last edited: Mar 29, 2015
    cliffordcooley likes this.
  22. I've had the same problem today when I played a mkv movie from Dell Lattitude 5540 to HDMI-ready tv via HDMI. All movies appeared choppy, no matter what resolution. I had to set the Intel Graphics to 1366x768 for the external monitor (has to be set while HDMI cable is plugged in and tv ON). Chopping was gone. I hope this helps someone.
    dkbroadband likes this.
  23. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 13,108   +1,590

    Don't think so. A laptop form-factor is built correctly so that the hdmi connector goes to the onboard gpu, whatever that might be. My Dell does a marvelous job for HD presentations.

    That said, to get the windows driver for hdmi, I had to rely upon windows autoconfig:

    • power off the laptop
    • make the hdmi connection to the TV
    • BE SURE the tv source is selected to be the correct hdmi slot to which the laptop is connected
    • Then power-on the laptop and let the device discovery do its job.

    This only needs to be done once.
  24. fenoglioo

    fenoglioo TS Rookie

    I have the same computer as you, a sony Vaio laptop. I am having the same problems as well, I at first thought it was the hdmi cable but I noticed that this is only happening when I plug my laptop into charge as a movie is playing(I only noticed this because my lap top was dying in the middle of the movie). I know for a fact it's not the hdmi cable because if I unplug the power cord it works great hooked up to hdmi EXCEPT when I plug in the power cord it starts lagging the video out of sync and and becomes super choppy. Here's a picture to show exactly the problem. Any ideas?

    Attached Files:

    • lag.jpg
      File size:
      116.9 KB
  25. Clyde K

    Clyde K TS Rookie

    I had the same problem on the new Vizio Tv. Tried another cable same problem. Walked into the den and tried it on an older Panasonic plasma and worked just fine. No issues.
    So I adjusted the refresh rate on the laptop graphics card from 29 to 60. Problem solved immediately. No issues in either tv now.
    This a GoPro video on the Asus laptop HDD.
    Hope this helps.

    Edit: changing resolution made no difference for me

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