Chrome hacked at Pwnium, "Pinkie Pie" does it again


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For the second time this year, hacker "Pinkie Pie" gave Google a run for its money -- and won. The clever hacker exploited yet another vulnerability in Chrome during the second Pwnium conference this year, netting himself (or perhaps herself)...

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If I used the handle "Pinkie Pie", I'd hide my real name/true identity as well! LOL! What was he thinking when there are endless characters on TV that you could assume for a virtual identity?

Umm, Mr. Pinkie, grats on your hack! I still find that level of software engineering to be sorcery and magic. And to find a way to break Google's software is a crowning achievement.


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9Nails doth protest too much. Is "9nails" Pinkie Pie's other secret identity? TV teaches us always to suspect those who point away towards others. This cries out for further investigation.