Cisco DMVPN Issue


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Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone ever experienced any issues with Ciscos DMVPN.

Currently I have 2 setups which for some reason the tunnel goes IKE after several days or weeks.

Is there anything which I should be checking?

A reload or shutting the Dialer interface down and Up resolves the issue but you know what kind of a solution is that during production..

I've now temporarily setup Ip sla to detect the tunnel status and if not shut down the dialer interface off and on automatically to fix the issue. A band-aid solution which I don't like.

Any help would be appreciated.
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Maybe for the main time.

Make a Cron timer and shut down and no shut down the port.
At late night.
Esentially the current “fix” was to issue a watchdog process to trigger when the dmvpn hub is unreachable. However it doesn’t work always im guessing due to low wait times on turning interface back up.

Keepalives seem so have improved somewhat this issue aswell