Clicking sound coming from video card before startup

By Doomguy
Sep 17, 2010
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  1. I recently installed a new power supply (a Dynex 400W) and a new video card (Radeon HD5670). I put the power supply in first, as I needed it in order for the video card to work, and due to having bought a broken power supply in the past, I tested it before I put in the video card. It worked like a charm, starting up with no problems whatsoever.

    However, after I put the video card in, I noticed something weird. When I initially boot the computer, a clicking sound comes from the video card. This clicking sound goes on for several seconds, but then it ends and the computer just boots up like normal. I've already listened to it up close without the cover on, and I also confirmed by running without the video card. There are no loose wires that I can see that might be coming in contact with the fan.

    The sound, to be more specific, does not sound electric. It clicks about every three seconds, and after about fifteen or so seconds, it just stops. What bothers me is that the computer doesn't begin to boot up until after the clicking sound stops. Another thing I've noticed is that it goes through this clicking cycle when I restart as well.

    Edit:// Upon shutting down my computer, I noticed that it made the clicking sound exactly as the computer turned off. However, I believe that it made this clicking sound before I put in the video card.
  2. mailpup

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    So does this mean there are two clicking sounds, one from the video card and another from something else? I'm a bit confused on this part.
  3. Doomguy

    Doomguy TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Sorry for the confusion. Realizing how stupid my statement sounded, I ran it without the video card to check for the sound. Apparently, the clicking sound (both the one I heard before and after I installed the video card) came from a part of the motherboard around where the video card attaches (it may be a part that looks remarkably similar to a lithium coin battery). However, while the repeating clicking noise is not coming from the video card itself, it is clearly being caused by it.

    Edit:// The part I identified is, in fact, a lithium battery. Whether or not it is the source of the click, though, I am not certain.
  4. mailpup

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    Also known as the CMOS battery. Make sure it is seated fully and not loose although I too am not so sure about it being the source of the noise. You could try removing it and snapping it back into place but you will have to go back into the BIOS to put any settings back from default.

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