Cloning with Symantec Ghost

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I have symantec ghost 2.0 Enterprise version 11. I'm having trouble creating a image from a model computer. I have installed the remote client on the model computer and ran sysprep. My problem is when I execute a create an image task, the task starts up nicely but when it creates a ghostcast server session. the model computer cant connect to it. The DOS starts up but the blue screen never shows. Instead it displays that the model computer's Adapter address is associated with the server then it goes to disconnecting from the server. Any Help is appreciated!
I have tried changing the configuration from the universal driver to the one the computer actually has. A Marvell Yukon Gigabet Ethernet Controller. But the ghost cast session never shows up.


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from the universal driver
Well I meant use the Ghost net driver, which I suppose was the universal driver you originally tried, if not, use the Ghost net driver.

I wonder if the Hub or some other hardware is causing issues, can you isolate it to one computer on the network (this is just for a test)
But I have read that the Ghost drivers are favoured (strangely)

I have come to a halt on this, but I would prefer that you continue to post updates here. You may be able to get more help from Symatec Ghstcast forum (if that exists)

Please stay in touch, because there have been other posts on this in the past. (typing in ghostcast in the search field will show them)


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The best cloner I have come across is made by acronis. Symatec is too resource intensive and I have found ghost to be somewhat unreliable.
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