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[Closed] Attention Bobbye and closed thread

By cableman
Feb 13, 2012
  1. I admit I was busy and took too long to reply to posts sometimes but you are accusing me of deliberately posting false information. I may be many things but a liar is not one of them. I deleted Malware Bytes completely and reinstalled it as you asked. I then proceeded to run the eset scan with the fix box unchecked as requested. I then exported the file to the desktop in a notepad folder. When I went to copy and paste it the results they didn't look the same so after a couple of tries I found that I could just add it as an attachment, so I did.

    On several occasions you have accused me of dishonestly posting a duplicate file. Being an honest man I never took too well to that but I desperately needed expert advice. I have no idea how or why those logs are or seem to be previously made logs or copies but if you had given me the benefit of the doubt then you might have considered another problem at hand or just know that some kind of mistake was made. Don't really smart virus' try to be hidden and hard to remove? Could this have been some effect from the malware on the computer because I am not a liar and I am telling you I performed those scans as requested and added the results from the scan that was just done.

    I don't know a lot about malware and virus repair, etc. like you but I have been honest so please don't insult me about a quality that I hold dear, since most people lie almost without thought or remorse anymore and if you don't lie with them in their little liars club then if you're not very careful then they will turn the lies on you and try to destroy things in life that you hold dear. So when I say that I am not a liar then know all the sacrifice and struggles that have been made for that statement to be true for me.So before you make another offhand comment maligning someone's character please think about it first.

    I didn't lie about those logs and I'm sorry I made a mess trying to copy them. I wanted you to get the right information. With that said, my conscience is clear no matter what happens; is yours?
  2. Bobbye

    Bobbye Helper on the Fringe Posts: 16,335   +36

    Please be advised that at no time did I infer to call you a liar. I copied every date, file name and/or logged information for comparison> I did not comment that you had not run the scans. But what you left were multiple copies of previously submitted logs- not the logs from new scans.

    I carefully documented the persistence of old logs.

    If you decide to pursue the matter further, start a new thread describing your problems. Follow the directions in the Preliminary Virus and Malware Removal Thread.

    When you have finished, leave one log from Malwarebytes, one log from GMER and the two logs from DDS.
    NOTE: Logs must be pasted in the replies. Attached logs will not be reviewed.

    This discussion is closed. I have asked the moderator to review this thread.
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