CoD4.. ping unusual problem in the last few days..

By GunnShip
Mar 31, 2012
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  1. Hey guys im new to this website......

    ma prob is that since the last 2-3 weeks im xperiancing high ping...I used to get 50-180 ping..... but now i get 200-700 ping..... During the morning i get 40-90 ping but the rest of the day it rises

    I have a BSNL 750/plan with a D-Link modem(ma bsnl modem iz not working so i bought a new one... those bsnl people didn't fix it)..I had no prob when i used to play with it .. but now i get kicked.......from servers..also changing the modem doesnot have to do anythign with it... as i started playing big games when i got a new pc & i changed the moden when i bought the PC......

    My system spec's
    Intel Core i3
    Intel High Defination Graphics Familly
    Realtek HD audio drivers
    4Gb Ram
    500Gb harddrive

    O also i get 512 KBps speed for the first 6 Gb that i download..All ma drivers are up-to date.. PLz help me guys
  2. DevilDevansh

    DevilDevansh TS Member Posts: 48

    chance connection

    ok now first of all bsnl modem connection sucks.

    every now and then there is some problem in the servers. But due to its high speeds we all take one. Now you could encrypt some data but what i would prefer is taking a cheap pendrive internet connection and use it only to play games and surf do not dowload as it is costly.

    And you are not the only one experiencing it. I love to play gta sa mp. and my ping goes upto 1000 and needless to say i get kicked.:mad:
    say thq if iwas useful:D
  3. GunnShip

    GunnShip TS Rookie Topic Starter

    not helpfull..................... but then. thq anyway
  4. DevilDevansh

    DevilDevansh TS Member Posts: 48

    well GS( dont mind if i call you so do you?)
    for the record i got an airtel connection a month ago and its fine since den.

    we dont dont have much choice - from girls to games .bsnl dosent support any of it ...
    I MEAN dosent support games, oh why does everyone think d opposite way :D

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