Comcast is rolling out video quality caps and hotspot speed restrictions for Xfinity Mobile...


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Comcast is making some changes to their Xfinity Mobile wireless connection plan. The company has sent out emails to customers detailing a few new restrictions it will be placing on their connections moving forward.

Specifically, Comcast plans to implement a 480p video quality cap for cellular connections, down from the previous 720p quality cap. The company says its goal is to help their customers keep their data usage under control if they subscribe to the Xfinity Unlimited plan.

What Comcast is referring to here is likely the throttling that occurs after an Unlimited customer uses up 20GB of data during a given billing cycle. Their cellular connectivity speeds are downgraded to roughly 1.5Mbps, which isn't terrible, but it's far from ideal for heavy data users.

As such, using Comcast's reasoning, the new quality cap could prevent customers from accidentally going over their data soft cap, preventing their speeds from being throttled.

If you're not a big fan of this quality cap, Xfinity customers can reportedly request a 720p upgrade for free, but HD video will eventually come at an additional cost.

That's not all, though. Comcast will also be placing a substantial restriction on the use of cellular hotspots, by replacing 4G hotspot speeds with 3G, 600kbps speeds.

In a statement to CNET, Comcast said this change would "allow customers to continue to do many of the things they enjoy doing online." It's not clear precisely what the company means by that, however.

Comcast's By The Gig data plan, which charges $12 per GB of data consumed, will not be subject to any of these restrictions for the time being. For everyone else, the company plans to roll out these changes in the coming weeks.

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Who on earth would switch over to eXfinity mobile phone services ?
Its bad enough eXfinity cannot manage their land lines and digital lines without messing up something for weeks.
Times like this it makes me too glad I've stuck with AT&T prepaid for 11 years and I barely have to call them for anything.

Uncle Al

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THAT certainly isn't going to help their bottom line. Now if AT&T were smart they would offer a nice package for those wanting to jump services ..... of course they too will sock it to them once they join! LOL


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Jeez, if people simply learned to keep their mouths shut, and didn't want to watch 4K porn on a 5" phone screen. Comcast would be forced to let go of their shorties.


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$12 per GB? Here in South Africa I'm paying roughly $7.35 per GB if directly converted to ZAR, and our internet sucks :/ Feel bad for you guys