Company of Heros Video Error

By TimeParadoX
Jul 18, 2008
  1. When I play Company of Heros: Opposing Fronts online with my friends, only after about 30 minutes of playing does the screen go black. I can still hear him talking on TeamSpeak and I could hear the action in game, the game has been updated to the current patch available and my videocard drivers have been DriverSweeped and reinstalled. I've changed the resolution all the way from 800x600 to 1680x1050 with the same problem happening. I've opened the side panel and even stuck a fan on the side panel to increase cooling with the same problem. No other games does this appear in ( Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, Oblivion and other games I've installed ), I've sprayed the tower for any dust.

    Does anyone have this same problem?

    I did recently break a capacitor on the videocard which I have since then fixed, but in the Everest sensors it doesn't detect any flux in the voltage or any high leveled temps.
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    Possible driver conflict? Really, if you can't figure it out, I most likely can't either, but maybe you should roll back the driver?

    Just a suggestion.
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