Compaq 515 wont power on

  1. Hi,
    so I have a compaq 515 computer and it suddenly yesterday started saying the battery was low. Today not powering on at all. Indicating to me that its the power adapter having gone bad since i have another computer in same power outlet getting power. Now I have tried the reset of taking battery out and just having power adapter plugged in to see if turned on would not.
    I have unplugged power adapter and tried power button but believing the battery is drained it did nothing.

    I also have done a power reset of having battery and power adapter plugged in and holding the power button on for 15-30 seconds when doing this where the power adapter port is i get a flashing light but then it turns off.

    Otherwise there is no power indicator of charging where the power adapter port is.

    Any suggestions on further troubleshooting my next thought was either purchasing a power adapter online and replacing it. Or going into a store and see if they can just let me plug in for a minute and see if it actually charges.

    The other concern is if its the charging port itself but the prong is not broken and don't see any physical damage to it plus when plugged in and holding reset it gives indication of flashing light any help would be appreciated

    blue eyd stranger
  2. blueydstranger

    blueydstranger TS Rookie Topic Starter


    guess answered my own question found my 7 function multi tester and found my hp labtop had power when testing power adapter and the compaq when testing had no power coming from the adapter taking that as a defective or needing replacement adapter

    if anyone else has any other thoughts opposite let me know thanks everyone
  3. blueydstranger

    blueydstranger TS Rookie Topic Starter


    Anyone have a answer on why the power source would blink 6 times after holding down the power key for 15 seconds and now its working with both new and old adapter was it the battery memory or that holding it down before wasnt a good enough reset just in case happens again

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