Compaq Laptop c700 need help

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Jun 27, 2008
  1. I have a Compaq Laptop model c700 series running Vista Basic. The laptop is approximately 4 months old but I happen to have dropped it about 1 month ago from a distance of about 2.5 feet it chipped a piece of the front bezel but that I am not worried about a little super glue can fix that. The problem I am having is when i start it up it will run fine for about 20-35 min then it will freeze up requiring a reboot after the reboot it will run for about 35-45 min and freeze up. Then it will restart a thnird time and do the same thing ,but on the fourth restart it used to run completely normal no reboot,no freeze just perfectly fine this is plugged up or on battery power it does not matter. Now it freezes and requires reboot no matter how many times I restart it. Could someone please help me find a solution to this laptop before it becomes a pile of finely crushed parts. Thanks in advance for any assistance.
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    It should still be under warranty. I know that you dropped it but it sounds like a cooling fan or 2 broke and as soon as it heats up it freezes. You will most likely have to send it back to get fixed unless you are comfortable taking apart a laptop.
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    If it is still under warranty will they fix the problem no charge even though I dropped it or will I have to pay out of pocket for the repair.
  4. fastco

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    Give them a call and find out, they might.
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    By policy, they will charge you for whatever they replace that has impact damage. I don't think any computer manufacturer or seller will fix any dropped computer for free. Compaq will require that the damaged part of the case be replaced.
    One advantage is that having Compaq fix it, retains the warranty.
    You could have a damaged hard drive, or a cracked motherboard, or just something out of alignment. But it could be something simple that just became loose, like a loose memory module, cable or socket.
    But it is not much good to you the way it is.
    Send it in, or get a good local tech to go through it. A full luck costs $55 here, but may vary between $35 and $85 with no parts replaced.
    Is it insured, or do you have home insurance? Some insurance covers such things.
    A 2.5 foot fall is a high impact fall that will easly damage a hard drive..
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