Compounding problems with Vista Ultimate

By ashtonf
Jul 23, 2008
  1. Hello Everyone,
    My Problem(s) might be multiple and I will try to explain it and attach the right files.

    1- The computer Runs slower and slower; even after multiple Vista Manager cleans/tweaks.

    2- It takes longer than usual to close/ restart. Also Windows Update is almost daily at the bottom showing: need to shut down to install. However after along wait of shutting down it doesn't seem to either get it all or any of it because their again it's waiting for me the next go round.

    3- I loose Internet connection now and again and Network Magic sometimes can not reconnect with out me powering down everything (Modem, Router & Computer)

    4 - Many programs drag when running even clearing out the trash can files/temp I wait longer than usual for the ok from my computer while the mouse icon spins infinately.

    5- My yet bigger problem is I am rushing to get my Website/Blog and Media Marketing project all up and running before August 2nd. I don't have time really to troubleshoot and track down the culprit one-by-one as I probably should. I can't exactly turn off/uninstall many big programs because a lot of what I have to do (flying off by the seams of my pants) is requiring going from one program to another too frequently.

    **OK most likely I caused this problem I'm sure from having installed so many 3rd party program and all but...these days I need help with lessening my work load. As I am not very Computer Savvy...still very wet behind the ears!

    ***Note: I'm using PC Tool Internet Suite on 3 of my network Computers. All get checked daily for updates and weekly scans. Found and removed some viruses in the past, nothing to date. Also Vista Manager gets used very often to either clean or tweak. Mostly Clean and release Ram though (BTW I use a 2GB Readyboost Flash dive...can't tell if it works).

    Here attached are my Computer Specs (by CPU-Z) and also my HighJackThis log the latter as per your instructions.

    I appreciate any help resolving this problem(s) promptly. Thanks in advanced!
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