Computer automatically shutdown while playing

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Hi everyone,

My computer is Hp m9350f pavilion elite. I replaced my stock psu and gpu. My psu is corsair 650w and the gpu is xfx 4890. While playing the dragon age origins for hours suddenly the pc shut itself down.This happened ones.

I've been monitoring the gpu temp since I installed it. the gpu idles at 55c with 70% fan speed and 90c on load with 100% fan. I don't no if this is normal but sure im getting high temps.

The cpu is phenom x4 idles at 51c and it can go up to 65c in load. I live in the tropical country so it could really get hot here.

I've talked to the hp tech and he said the reason why the system shutdown automatically is that the gpu and psu might not be compatible with the mobo because the mobo requires 460 watts for factory set up. First he suggested me to replace the gpu and I said would it be it better if I replace the mobo instead then he agreed.
Does mobos have a wattage limit for gpu?

There's also system freeze occurring randomly.

First I was planning to replace the cooler for the gpu, now I don't know I might replace the mobo instead. Is it possible the gpu is overheating because it's not compatible with the mobo? I really want to make sure before buying the mobo because I really have a tight budget.

Thanks in advance.


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Check your system logs for clues as well before making any move, you can do that by going to Control Panel, Admin Tools, and Event Viewer; you should see some error logs over there about your freezes and perhaps crashes as well along with details and Even ID.


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there's none in critical. In error there's 54 for the last 24 hours, 235 (7days) total of 2,367.
error in print spooler event id 19 (10 errors for last 24 hours) 2 in avast with event id 90. 32 errors in 'search' event id 3031. 2 in eventlog with event id 6008. 10 errors in system control evetlog provider event id 7000.

this is the details in 'search' which has the most errors.


Context: Application, SystemIndex Catalog

A device attached to the system is not functioning. (0x8007001f)

Error in print spooler details.
The print spooler failed to share printer Adobe PDF with shared resource name Adobe PDF. Error 2114. The printer cannot be used by others on the network.

Errors in system control evetlog provider event id 7000.
The mbmiodrvr service failed to start due to the following error:
Windows cannot verify the digital signature for this file. A recent hardware or software change might have installed a file that is signed incorrectly or damaged, or that might be malicious software from an unknown source.

The DVDRIVER service failed to start due to the following error:
The service cannot be started, either because it is disabled or because it has no enabled devices associated with it.

Event log which logged the automatic system shutdown.
The previous system shutdown at 3:52:45 PM on 1/31/2010 was unexpected.


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Sudden shutdowns may be a result of voltage spikes. Are you using any power protection?

Also, those temps seem a little high. I have the HD 4890 and it idles at about 45C with 55% fan speed. During games it never goes beyond 65C (80-90% fan speed). I live in India so its fairly warm. However, it's winter here right now. Maybe those will jump by about 10C in summer.

Also your CPU runs too hot. I wouldn't go over 50C in summer even when overclocked heavily.


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1. A device attached to the system is not functioning. (0x8007001f) >----> check this link
2. Basically you can't share a 'software', as Adobe PDF is software printer. Therefore, turn off sharing of that thing in the printers.
3. Thats related to Motherboard Monitor; some of its modules/services are not starting properly.

Now most of these things are software/driver related, absolutely nothing about any hardware issues; I would advise you to uninstall all of the above, and check if there are newer versions of them are around and install them. Also it is a good idea to run regclean (its an util for cleaning out registry).

Lastly, Ritwik's suggestion that you may use a surge protection solution is a good one.

Also monitor your cpu / gpu temperatures more closely, and check heatsink/fans are properly fitted and working and the casing has good airflow; as temperatures are not where they ideally should be.


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Thanks for the help.

Yes ritwik im using a voltage protector. archean, I've detached the stock tv tuner card last month because it was blocking the gpu fan. Is that related in 'A device attached to the system is not functioning. (0x8007001f)'?
in your no. 3 i was trying to look for a motherboard monitor and I've installed that software then it didn't worked properly so I uninstalled it.

I would be glad if it's only software related, it will save me from buying new mobo. But then again I can't stop thinking about that auto shutdown, it happened when the game is in the cutscene which is im sure it's eating a lot of resources from the pc then suddenly shuts off. Could it be because psu overheating?
I've also opened the side casing of the pc. Ritwik, are you using any aftermarket cooler? is your side casing have a fan? what size is it? what's your cooling set up?


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It could have been because of overheated CPU as well; as most modern CPU's will immediately shut down if the temperatures get too high. I guess some of those un-installations were not completely successful then, so try cleaning out registry as I suggested. And yes, it could be because you removed the card without getting rid of its drivers/software.
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