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Computer beeps on startup no video

By tylersdad ยท 7 replies
Oct 4, 2010
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  1. I recently removed my hard drive from the case along with a dvd drive. I was going to put it in to a new computer until i read that i couldn.t do that. i put the hd back in the original case and when I powered up there s no video and one beep. I checked my cables and have everything hooked up the way it was before i took it out. i have a compaq presario 6000. Please help. thanks
  2. tylersdad

    tylersdad TS Rookie Topic Starter

    fixed problem

    went back in and removed video card and computer started up.
  3. kristin48616

    kristin48616 TS Rookie Posts: 25

    I think the problem may occur as the video controller goes wrong, you can have a check.
  4. jaydeee

    jaydeee Banned Posts: 21

    few things to check:
    1. re-seat your video card then try turning ON your pc. If error persist try 2.
    2. re-seat your RAM then try turning ON you pc.

    guess this will do the trick
  5. g4mer

    g4mer TS Maniac Posts: 310

    Something is wrong with your video card.
  6. jhanagan

    jhanagan TS Rookie

    similar problems

    I built a new system. I took the video card out of my old pc and put it in the new one. I took another video card and placed it in the old pc. Worked just fine.
    But when I tried to start up my new pc (the one I'm building) no video. No beeps. But an "FF" on the new mobo, which the book says it just means that the bios hasn't been accessed yet.

    So I swapped out the video card and still nothing. So I put it back into my old pc and now my old pc has the exact same problem. I swapped video cards again, different monitors (they all work fine) and still nothing. I bought a new video card and still nothing. I did NOT put the new video card in the new pc build.

    Hard drives seems to be spinning.

    Very bizarre that they both now have the exact same problem.

    Power supplies seem to be working on both systems. All fans running.

    I'm just focusing on the old pc now.

    I don't see reseating the old cpu as it was seated properly for the last few years. The same with RAM. The power supply is new (about three months) and was working fine. I disconnected and reconnected the power to the hard drive and dvd drive. I am really at a loss.
  7. Kris101

    Kris101 TS Rookie

    Ram is one of those things that can causes no video, and since you have been moving everything around that is definitely worth re-seating and make sure that you are grounded with no static electricity that can damage ram. It is an easy fix.
  8. jhanagan

    jhanagan TS Rookie

    Yeah I'll try that again. But I didn't move the RAM around on the older computer, but it may have jostled loose somehow.

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