Computer cloning

By ply4free
Apr 2, 2010
  1. I have 20 dell computers I want to wip and reload op system and all programs. I was thinking cloaning or ghosting. I have read for hours trying to decide what would be the best least exspensive way to do this. I would like to copy one computer to a disk then run it on the rest of the computers. some of the software I have seen only allows 3 uses or the prossesors have to be the same. So on please help! All optiplex and demension these computers are a little different but I can adjust for driver issues after install. ghost the entire HD. I do have key codes for all op systems and office. All other programes are free.
  2. EXCellR8

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    If the computers are identical then it's possible to install Windows over a network but I don't think simply cloning the hard disk and copying the image to the other systems will work due to product keys and drivers... OR you may have to put in each product key once the clone image is applied to each hard drive. I think there may be a free cloning tool or two available but one of the best solutions is Acronis TrueImage which offers an array of disk tools.
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