Computer crashes during gaming

By artevius
Apr 3, 2010
  1. Hey everyone, I just built a new computer, here are the specs:

    CPU: i7 930
    Mobo: Asrock x58 extreme
    Ram: 4 gigs of G.skill 1600 ram
    videocard: xfx 5770 xxx
    PSU: OCZ fatal1ty 550
    OS: windows 7 64bit

    anyways, for the first week it was rock solid, no problems. I ran prime95 tests for 24 hours, went through every burn in test i could find, etc. and was really happy with how smoothly everything went, I could even game no problem but I just did short sessions. All the test showed up that there was no problem with the computer.

    I purchased World at War and Battlefield Bad Company 2, and after 2-3 games of each, i usually get either a complete freeze where there are vertical grey line on the screen, but i have also got a system reboot (i was afk but my player was online and laying down) and a black screen and freeze in BFBC2. It ALWAYS happens after 2-4 games of playing online. I googled it and a lot of people are having problems with the card and running into the same issues. I contacted XFX and they told me to uninstall the 10.3 drivers and put in the 10.2, that didn't fix it. I changed my RAM settings to auto, that didn't help, I disabled my sound drivers and that test ended up in my computer crashing and rebooting itself during game play, basically everything I do doesn't help.

    This is seriously driving me crazy, i have been up until 2am for the last week trying to resolve this issue, I can only get it to crash during online gameplay (althought it could just be that i can't sit through playing single player games long enough to get it to crash) I am seriously bummed out. Does anyone have any ideas on what I can do?

    One thing I did notice but I don't know if it means anything is hardware sensors monitor 4.4 shows the Aux under "Voltages" as red, mousing over says max: +0.21 min: +0.08 - I don't think that is the issue but if anyone knows, any help is appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. EXCellR8

    EXCellR8 The Conservative Posts: 1,835

    First thing I would do is set the RAM voltage and timings to what the factory spec is... should be a sticker on the side with this information. I usually don't rely on the "Auto" setting; it's better to put in the information manually.

    There have been reports of the 5770 acting up but make sure you have unlocked the manual fan controls if you are using CCC (Catalyst Control Center) and adjust the speed before playing a demanding 3D application. I would also advise to install the latest C++ Redistributable Runtime libraries and make sure DX11 is up to date. I've had my share of freeze ups with games under Win7x64 and installing prerequisite software has helped for the most part.

    I also want to bring up that if you have nvidia Physx installed (still required for some games even with an ATI card) you want to make sure that is up to date too. Some ATI users have reported some issues with outdated physx engines which is why i bring that up.
  3. klepto12

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    more than likely its the video card since numerous sites have the problem of GSOD grey screen of death with the 5770 cards.
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