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Jun 7, 2009
  1. So I have this problem with my PC crashing during games. I'll be playing the game then all of a sudden the screen will either goto lines or a black screen and I'lll have the hold down the power button to do anything. This isn't just a random occurance this is something I can count on happening every single time and usually after a similar time of playing the game. each game seems to have its own crash time, Crysis will take roughly five minutes, FEAR2 will crash after about five steps ect ect, oddly enough there are some games that will never crash even if I leave them on for days such as Far Cry 2, Demigod or anything with the source engine. Note that I play all these games at max for reference, which makes me wonder why some games will crash and others won't it can't completely be a "Too rough for my card" deal. Crysis will crash in the same amount of time regardless if my graphical mod is installed on it or not. All games show no framerate or graphical issues before the crash. It's like flicking a switch, working then not

    I've tried just about everything I can think of to get this problem solved. At first I thought maybe it was an issue with Atikmdag stopping responding because when I run the overclock tests the driver will stop responding. (Note that the computer crashes overclocked or not) I think it may be more then that but due to my limited computing knowledge I've run out of options.

    I've tried: (Some are supposed fixes for the driver responding thing as well)
    Disabling Aero
    Uninstalling Certain Hotfixes
    Replacing and trying different rams
    Cleaning out the computer extensively
    Removing and re-attaching the video card to the PCI slot.
    leaving the case open and putting in the most ventilated area, with fans and air.
    Messing with catalyst options.
    Installing the driver without catalyst.
    Trying Windows 7 instead of Vista (just to see if it was an operating system issue)
    Trying older drivers
    Turning down the various games graphical settings to dirt low
    Uninstalling the video card from devices as well as its drivers then reinstalling
    Uninstalling and reinstalling the offending games

    That's all I can think of off my head I've tried so many different things. Also note that this started with my old nvidia card, the driver kept crashing. Now I got a brand new power supply and a XFX Radeon 4850 HD. I thought getting a new card would fix the problem but it hasn't helped a bit. Granted the graphical distortions and issues are gone and the games run beautifully till they crash the PC. This card is a month old at best and I've checked over and over to make sure everything is set up correctly. I really need help I'm ten seconds from playing shooter on my PC.

    I guess my specs would help

    Windows 7 RC 32-bit
    4 gigs of ram (2 identical 2 gig sticks)
    Intel Quad core 2.4ghz
    700w OCZ power supply
    XFX Radeon HD 4850 PCI-E Card (I believe its 512mb but I'm not sure)
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    If the computer has problems running Vista, it will have problems running Windows 7... Strip the system down to minimal RAM, no USB devices (except keyboard and mouse) no audio card, 1 hard drive and possibly use a simple PCI video card. Install the OS fresh. Install the motherboards drivers and all the OS updates. Shut down the computer and install all remaining hardware
  3. NoHope

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    The PC doesn't have any trouble running either OS, the only reason I mentioned them is because it was suggested that the video drivers might conflict with Vista, so I tried windows 7 to seee if it helped. Which it did not.

    I don't have a OS clean install disk merely a format disc that came with the PC which contains Vista and other things specific to it
  4. Tmagic650

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    "I don't have a OS clean install disk merely a format disc that came with the PC which contains Vista and other things specific to it...

    So use this format disc once again, and do what I said. Did you build this system or did someone else build it for you?
  5. NoHope

    NoHope TS Rookie Topic Starter

    The sound card is built in, the only thing I really have to install aside from extras such as my Camera or Tablet is the video card.

    The PC was built by Cyberpower. And it worked well for a while till one day it when my geforce started graphically glitching and its display driver stopped working. Figure maybe just the card was bad so I replaced it. now the computer crashed when playing games instead of just the driver stopping responding. Odd thing is I did a full recovery once but the problem persisted. I'll try it again once I get an actual OS format disc instead of the Cyberpower format disc. I'm thinking maybe something on that disc is causing the conflict. (More like hoping to god)

    i'll take your advice and uninstall everything before hand and remove it from the PC. I hope it works I cannot express the frustration I've dealt with trying to get it to work

    Thanks for the help BTW if it works you will be my new best friend :p
  6. Tmagic650

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    It may be better to forget about using the "Cyberpower" disc and borrow or purchase a retail Vista disc... Good luck on the fresh install though :)
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