Computer freezes and other problems!

By fcmario04
Apr 18, 2011
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  1. So lately there ahve been alot of problems with my computer. At first, the screen went blurry from time to time but only for a couple seconds and then it would go back to normal.

    Then, when I tried to start my PC, it would take about 10 or 15 minutes for it to start, the blue light was on, and it sounded like it was running, but it took forever for the beep to sound and the computer to start.

    Now, the last couple days, sometimes when I turn my PC on, it beeps non-stop and doesn't start. It is not a continuous beep, but rather it beeps in about one second intervals until I turn it off.

    Also, when I do manage to start my pc it sometimes restarts itself, and starting today, it freezes after being on for about 5 minutes.
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    Hi fcmario04 :wave:

    We need more information in order to help you.
    Below I have added some links that I like to offer newcomers to the forum.
    In short, we need to know the type of system you are running, and (if possible) the bios it is using, in order to make sense of your beep codes.
    With more information, one of us should be able to help you sort through your difficulties.

    It sounds like you have some hardware issue(s).
    But I would like to know more about your system so as not to "guess";

    Also... if you can access your minidump directory, see if you have any files there.
    If so, zip and attach the most recent 5.
    Route44 and others are really good at interpreting these.
    I dig into them from time to time as well, but I don't spend as much time with them as do some of the others.

    ===== Here is the information I mentioned above.=====

    Welcome to [​IMG] :grinthumb
    You may find these to be helpful links...
    How to post a new thread in this Guide.
    Before posting you should read all the Posting Guidelines.
    To access technical support Forums.
    Many users like to post system specs in their Profile.
    System Specs are always helpful when you seek support, (see the first two suggestions).
    And helpers may ask that you post some of your specs in your thread.

    Other online TechSpot guides Here.

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