Computer freezes up when when running most programs

By Lohengrin
Mar 17, 2009
  1. I have recently upgraded most of my computer, and it is now locking up when I run most programs. Its done this while playing WoW, Fallout 3, and

    simply being online with Firefox. Strangely enough, I haven't had any problems with Freelancer yet.

    Originally I had:
    Foxconn M7PMX-S mobo
    Intel P4 3.6gb (Don't remember the model)
    2x1gb cosair ddr2 667
    Radeon x1600 512mb
    hec ACE-580UB 580W psu
    2 sata hdd's (250gb\640gb)
    dvdr drive
    ethernet card
    WInXP o\s

    I didn't have problems with the old build, but it was getting old. I got the new video card and put it in with no problems on the old build, and a

    week later replaced the rest of the parts.

    I now have:
    Gigabyte EP45T-UD3LR mobo
    Intel Core 2 Quad Q8300 2.5GH
    2x1gb corsair ddr3 1333
    Radeon 4850 1gb
    Same psu
    Same hdd's
    Same dvdr
    Same ethernet card
    Same o\s

    I didn't reinstall windows and everything else when i changed mobos, but this wasn't a problems for anything in the past. Just uninstalled old

    drivers, installed new ones. There shouldn't be any overheating issues either, both the bios and speedfan show it to idle in the 30c's, and under

    50c while loaded.

    Nor did I change any clock timings or voltages in the bios, with either build. I've read about other people online putting together very similar

    pc's, and I don't see why this shouldn't also work.

    Is there not getting enough power? Should I really ininstall windows? Did I get bad parts maybe? Is there some kind of program to test to see what

    could be wrong? This whole thing has frustrated me and I would appreciate any help I can get at this point.
  2. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,244   +234

    "I didn't reinstall windows and everything else when i changed mobos"...

    You have got to be kidding! Back up your important data, format and reinstall your operating system fresh. Install the motherboard drivers, and then update Windows completely and then install all other drivers including the new video card...

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