Computer freezes when I exit firefox or winamp

By waterproof
Aug 27, 2009
  1. Straight after I exit firefox or even Winamp player, my whole computer screen freezes for a few seconds (no more than 10 seconds) and after that it resumes as if nothing has happened. Anyone know what the cause of this? I thought it would be a firefox addon but it wasn't since it happened to winamp as well.
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    I've done those, basically it what tuneup would do
    Now I know its not hard drive issue or a program issue, since i installed Vista OS on a different hard drive and its having the same issue, its more freaquent when I'm installing programs.. it would make the zzzz freeze sound and freezes for a sec. Ive did memtest it didnt show any errors, any other solutions or whats the cause of it?
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