Computer freezing, replaced motherboard still freezing. Help.

By chucknut ยท 7 replies
Oct 11, 2009
  1. hi all im new to techspot,my computer keeps friend who built both my last 2 computers has done all kinds of checks,tested hardware n software and pinpointed it to motherboard,replaced motherboard with new ram aswell n worked fine for 3 days then started freezing again then wouldnt boot up.replaced graphics card worked ok for 2 days then started to freeze again then wouldnt boot up,ive just ordered new 1.5tb hard drive if its not that only thing left is power supply,ive also replaced a few of the cables as i had new ones.i must say my friend who is a genius with computers and has worked for numerous computer companys no's wot he is doing and its totally thrown him he's never come across this,its totally random ive even got new 22 inch monitor which someone said it maybe but i didnt get it for that reason my old needed replacing and my partner got me an early xmas present.its so annoying can anyone help please
  2. SNGX1275

    SNGX1275 TS Forces Special Posts: 10,544   +427

    Well replace the power supply then...
  3. chucknut

    chucknut TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thanks straight to the point but thanks anyway lol.
  4. Somebody

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    It's may be not only the power supply. Check your graphic card (I assume you kept it and are still using it). Your PC stats would be a great help,because- either your power supply can't ''feed'' the motherboard and your GPu,or your graphic card have some problems,so it's slowing things down.
    p.s- +1 about power supply,it may be the reason
  5. Tmagic650

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    I wonder if all the proper motherboard drivers were installed... Good computer builders don't get thrown...
  6. chucknut

    chucknut TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thanks for your reply,will check that.thanks again
  7. Kcircyrd

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    If you can get it to run long enough, go to Control Panel -> System -> Hardware -> Device Manager to see if you have any red, yellow, or black flags for any of the devices installed in your computer.
    If so, re-install the drivers for those devices. If that does not work, replace the device... regardless of whether you have already done this.
  8. chucknut

    chucknut TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thank you for your reply,as soon as hardrive is delievered ill install and if that doesnt work ill replace power supply.thanks again

    replaced graphics card and worked fine for a few hours and then started freezing again,thats why ive ordered new hardrive just waiting for it to be delivered.thanks for your reply

    thanks for taking time out to reply,replaced graphic card and worked fine for a few hours then started freezing agin and then wouldnt boot up.thanks again

    thanks for your reply,yes all drivers were installed,as i say worked fine for a few hours then started freezing again,totally random.thanks again

    thanks will try,thanks again
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