Computer Hangs on BIOS Splash Screen When USBs are Plugged In

By thebaronjocelin
Aug 8, 2008
  1. I think the title is about as descriptive as it gets. I had this same problem a couple of months ago when I was using a faulty harddrive that kept writing over parts of my Windows installation (namely, I think, the Legacy USB drivers), but I took that HDD out and RMAed it with Seagate and got a new one.

    Now it's happening again: if I try to boot my computer, and I have any USB devices whatsoever plugged into it, the computer hangs on the WinFast splash screen and goes no further. I've somewhat resolved this by getting on the floor everytime my computer shuts down, unplugging the USBs, then booting, but if at all possible I'd like to avoid doing this for the rest of this computer's natural life.

    As always, any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. mailpup

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    Check your boot devices in the BIOS. Restrict your boot devices to just floppy drive (if you have one), hard drive and CD drive. No other devices. See if that helps.
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