Computer hard to start

By Brad Rose
Jun 15, 2013
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  1. Upgraded my graphics card in a not so amazing computer awhile ago, now everytime I restart my computer its like I need to prime it like a lawn mower or weed whacker for it to turn on, gonna post a video on whats happening hopefully someone can figure out whats going on here.

    Specs are
    Motherboard: Gigabyte H55M-S2V
    Processor: Intel Core i3 550 3.2GHz
    Graphics Card: Geforce GTX 660 Superclocked
    Power Supply: Corsair CX750
    4GB Ram
    Windows 7 64bit

    any help would be greatly appreciated
  2. hood6558

    hood6558 TS Addict Posts: 271   +67

    It's hard to see what's happening in your video, but I assume that it's not booting, or rebooting by itself? Anyway, I suspect your problem is related to the motherboard, because I've had the same problem on older systems. Last week I installed a GTX 550 Ti in a socket 775 system, and it blew the motherboard (2 caps look blown), now only gives 3 beeps (memory code). Lower-end motherboards I think can't handle the power draw of a modern mid to high end card, they were designed for budget builds. Had a similar problem with a cheap MSI board, the GPU was overheating the north bridge and freezing the system. Try the card on a newer system to make sure it's good. It may be time for a major upgrade...
  3. Brad Rose

    Brad Rose TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks alot

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