Computer initiates shutdown process

By Third_3rd
Aug 24, 2008
  1. My computer has a problem, the problem is that after having tried to turn my computer off, and turning it on again later on - My computer starts the shutdown process, much like the one you can do with command prompt, where as a box opens up and in x amount of times it will shut down. Right after the 'Welcome' blue screen, It starts the 1 minute count down, my desktop not fully loaded, cannot do anything... I can't do Safe mode because when i try, a hole load of text pops up on the blank screen... At some point asking me if i want to cancel something like 'STDP.exe' by pressing exit.
    How do i get to my desktop or stop the shutdown process.

    A quick note: It tells me that it wants to shutdown the computer because of a status failure with a certain program...
    Edit: Safemode works. But the same thing happens as when windows starts normally - the shutdown process. telling me that servces.exe or something like that is corrupted/ or has some problem.

    Help? Thanks.
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