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Computer Keeps Freezing

By slicker ยท 8 replies
Jan 2, 2010
  1. Hello.
    Ive had this problem for a while now. I assumed it was some sort of virus and spent a week on another pc forum and ran lots of programs/scans/hijack this logs etc, but my PC is apparently clean so it must be something else.

    I use windows XP
    It freezes quite randomly. Sometimes only a few time a day. Sometimes much more regularly. The freezes only last for about 15 seconds each time. Whe it freezes, nothing responds. Even the mouse.

    I dont know anything about computers so I will attach a part of my belarc advisor snapshot to give you an idea of my computer setup.

    From talking to people there are some other possible causes.
    overheating - I do ask alot from my PC in fairness and am often running lots of very resource hungry applications. PC certainly doesn't feel hot on the ouside of case though.

    Someone else who had this sort of problem said it was to do with their graphics card. Another person said it was to to with their soundcard...?....

    There are also a few theories about power supply issues.


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  2. slicker

    slicker TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Wow....tough crowd, lol.
  3. tnt5020

    tnt5020 TS Rookie

    Mine freezes, too. Need help.
  4. slicker

    slicker TS Rookie Topic Starter

  5. Kevork

    Kevork TS Rookie Posts: 73

    What do you mean by freezes:

    Does the computer completly hang and requires a reboot or it lags for a few seconds and then picks up?
  6. slicker

    slicker TS Rookie Topic Starter

    usually lasts about 15 seconds or so and then picks up.

    However, for the first time yet, the other day when it happened it actually did require a reebot after I gave up waiting after about 5 minutes.
  7. Kevork

    Kevork TS Rookie Posts: 73

    Well this is a very diffcult issue to troubleshoot without actually being in front of the PC. I Would suggest before we jump to any conclusions to take a snapshot of all running processes before the lag and right after the lag.

    When you get the snapshots post them, hopefully we will be able to identify which processes are causing the problem. Again this is an assumption that you do not have any hardware problems or driver problems.

    Regardless I suggest you update all your drivers and bios just to eliminate those possibilitites.
  8. compdata

    compdata TechSpot Paladin Posts: 527   +8

    Agree with Kevork - you need to profile what is running and how much resources they are taking. It sound more like you running out of processor resources. You are probably going to have to leave the task monitor up (sorted by highest CPU utilization) and try to see what is is maxing you CPU when you get the freezes. You probably won't have time to bring it up during a freeze.

    My old P4 machine running XP would do this frequently when i was running heavy photo editing filters. My newer Core 2 Duo machine handles them infinately better although i would still like a Core i7 quad core :)
  9. slicker

    slicker TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I took my dads advice and decided to give the PC a clean with the vacuum, and it seems to have fixed it! :)
    No freezes for over a week now.
    I dont know why it fixed it. It wasn't very dusty. I guess is doesn't take much? (although my old PC at work was visibly dusty and must have had mountains of dirt inside it, but worked fine?)

    Anway, just thought id update you.
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