Computer Keeps Looping Back At Beginning of Startup

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Aug 5, 2008
  1. Hello,

    I've ran into a bit of a snag with my computer. As it turns out, my computer is now just looping around in circles when it first starts up without ever loading the Windows boot screen in the beginning.

    The issue is that my computer is having a problem detecting, I think, the and NTLDR files in the Windows installation. The problem arose when I changed a setting in MSCONFIG, so I could reduce the boot time from 30 seconds to 10 seconds instead.

    When the NTLDR error message displayed in the beginning, I temporarily fixed it by going to a website to find out how to. However, it only turned out to be a temporary fix as the NTLDR error message again popped up.

    The error was:

    NTLDR Error
    Press Ctrl. + ALT + Del. to restart.

    I did the next logical thing, I put in my Windows XP disk and used the recovery console to replace both the NTLDR and files, and that seemed to work for a bit, too, but the same NTLDR error has once again shoved it's collective nose where it doesn't belong.

    The last things that I did to try and resolve the issue, was take out the CMOS battery and letting the settings reset and I also reset the BIOS information to default. Didn't work out as hoped.

    I should point out that I did go into the recovery console in Windows XP and I did type in FIXMBR and FIXBOOT, which helped out, too, for a bit..

    Now, the computer just refuses to heed to any of the tricks I did before and now just goes in loops. Any suggestions would be MUCH appreciated.


    **EDIT** Lastly, I should point out that using FIXMBR did NOT destroy my partition setting the first or second time of use for my Windows installation.

    Oh, and sorry if this is not the right section. Probably should be under hardware or software, but this is kind of a broad issue, I think.
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  3. TheJediSlayer

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    Thank you for the instructions, but I've managed to run into another wall here. :S As if my issue isn't already confusing enough for me as it is. Anyways, I was trying to rebuild the boot.ini in recovery console to see if that could be the problem and also as a way to fix it. Well, instead of the computer just simply looping now, it also will now give me the option of choosing from three separate boot.ini files at boot-up to choose from. All three don't seem to restart Windows XP at all and merely send me into a loop.

    I thought about using the command line bootcfg /delete, but without being entirely sure that I just may put myself further into the hole than I already am, I was hoping to get some advice about how to get rid of the option in the beginning to choose a boot.ini file of my choosing.

    Please note that I created multiple separate boot.ini files, which is why it's lettering me choose.

    I also believe this link will work:;EN-US;Q307545&ID=KB;EN-US;Q307545

    and I'd like to try and implement it, but that damn screen that gives me boot.ini options won't disappear. Even if I choose a default boot.ini file to load from in recovery console.

    Ha. Ha. Sorry and thanks for any help at all.

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    How to edit the Boot.ini file in Windows XP

    Please follow all steps in that link

    Let me know how it goes

    This is the one for Pro:

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    Got a problem... I'm not able to do the normal way of procedure from the last link that you gave to me. By this, I mean that I am entirely unable to enter Windows XP, so I can follow the instructions given, even can't do it in safe mode.

    I did try, however, to substitute the directions in recovery console, but a no go. Also, every time I try to set a default boot.ini in recovery console, it always ends up showing the same list every time on reboot.

    I'm becoming more and more discouraged about rather or not I can fix this, even with your help. I'm thinking a format might be needed at this point. What about any booting software that can fix and clean the boot system?

    Again, thanks for your help. I do appreciate it.

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    I know the above was Windows gui area
    But there was a lot of info on boot.ini that you could have (and did) use

    Also the boot.ini is "read only" which means you must change the attribute on it.
    attrib -r boot.ini
  7. TheJediSlayer

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    I did a repair install of XP and everything seems to be working now. Thank you, though, for your help in all this. I did gain some insight into fixes if some other issue should arise in the future. But again, thanks.

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    Thanks for the update :grinthumb
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