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Computer keeps randomly freezing?

By candycane
Feb 23, 2012
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  1. So sorry if this is in the wrong forum. I've never been on this site before, so again, my apologies.

    So anywho, I bought a laptop off of my friend which ran very well and I had absolutely no problems with it. All of a sudden, 2-3 weeks later, it is now freezing, and it's completely random. Sometimes it freezes while I am playing World of Warcraft, maybe a Youtube video, and sometimes it freezes if I just leave it idle for a little while.

    I have updated pretty much everything I have. I have no windows updates to download. I opened Device Manager and updated my video card and anything else I possibly could and it said everything was up-to-date. I've downloaded a program called "Advanced System Care 5" and it defrags and fixes any problems that I may have with my registry. As for over heating, I currently game on an ASUS laptop that has two cooling fans.

    The ONLY thing I could think of that could be causing this was that my laptop actually USED to get very hot when I played games on it (especially Minecraft). Maybe the heat eventually fried something inside of my laptop, which would make sense. Although, it hasn't gotten hot much in the past few days since I haven't been playing it as often because of this random freezing all the time.

    I am completely out of ideas. Any help would be appreciated. Again, sorry if I put this in the wrong forum.
  2. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,243   +234

    What is the make and model of this laptop?... The cooling fan and fins could be clogged with dust, of the internal fan is failing

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