Computer restarting minidump analysis

By ozuser
Aug 24, 2010
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  1. Hello,

    We have a computer a client brought in which is restarting a lot particularly when they connect to their network. Looking at the windows logs chkdsk was running a lot and things were getting corrupt a lot as it had to restore the registry several times and adobe files were corrupt etc.

    E7500 2.93GHz CPU
    4GB DDR3-1066 RAM
    Windows 7 Pro 64bit

    Anyway they said they ran the windows 7 memory diagnostic and found that one of the sticks was faulty. They however are not sure if the stick was changed or put back into the system. We ran the same test several times and it came up with no problems. We ran memtest86+ overnight and it had 11 passes with no problems. Did surface scans of the HDD and no problems. Ran a burnin test with full load on everything for 2 days an no problem.

    Then today we just boot it up and some monitoring software they have was not responding and the system eventually bluescreened and reset. Upon rebooting and running chkdsk the same thing happened after saying so and so was corrupt and to run chkdsk again. now afte the 3rd boot and chkdsk it has booted fine and shows no problem.

    Attached are the minidump files with most of them saying it is memory corruption but then saying it is a driver fault. Is the problem the drivers or .exe files it is mentioning or is it the RAM which is causing the corruption even though all tests on it pass?

    Running more tests on the RAM but still can not find an issue with it.

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  2. Archean

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    There are at least five dumps pointing at memory corruption (i.e. indicating that the Memory Management Page File Number List is corrupted) at address fffff800032c7220, fffff800032f3220, fffff800032ff220, and fffff800032b3220.

    I suspect there are issues with this system's RAM, please run memtest again, but this time on every RAM modules individually (i.e. one by one), for a minimum of 8 passes. Please note that, some times memtest may not find errors even if the RAM is bad. Regards

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