Computer restarts after installing new RAM

My computer constantly restarts after I install new ram. My specs are:

Dell Precision 380
Intel Pentium D 935 @ 3.2GHz, 4MB L2 Cache
4GB DDR2 SODIMM (recently upgraded) @ 667MHz, unbuffered, non-ECC
ATI Radeon HD4830 @ 512MB GDDR3
400GB SATA HDD @ 5400 RPM
Windows XP/7 dual boot
Dynex 520w Power

I had 4x512mb DDR2 ECC RAM before and upgraded to 2x2GB DDR2 SODIMM for performance upgrade. The problem is that my computer constantly restarts. The first time I installed the RAM I got to boot into windows but my color and resolution was messed up. I haven't been able to boot into windows either xp or 7. I updated my graphics driver and BIOS from A07 to A09 and still no change. Some people are saying to change the RAM voltage but I don't know how. My BIOS doesn't have such a feature or option.

PLEASE I need help, purchased these 2 sticks for $35. I don't want the feeling that I got ripped off or scammed. Many thanks!


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..How did you install SODIMM sticks into a desktop? I think you need to look back and confirm your specs.

Also, post a photo of the sticks. We need to see which of the four slots you put them in.
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I installed the RAM with simply inserting the RAM into the slots LOL. I got all of them pinned down and strapped. I found out that when I installed one RAM stick, it would work but the other didn't. I'm not sure if the other RAM is faulty or not but when I turned on the computer with BOTH the RAM sticks installed, I was able to get into my BIOS at LEAST. I found that it read my RAM, "4.0GB DDR2 SODIMM" but I just couldn't boot into either Windows XP or 7.


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Are both sticks of the new ram the same? Well at any rate your computer calls for PC6400 DDR2 or PC5300 DDR2 Non ECC or ECC Ram. It good bet your ram you bought is not right for the board.


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Yes, SODIMM is generally made for laptops and portable devices. If you power down, remove the power cord, press the power button a few times, then put in the original memory, what happens?


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Unless you get Memory which is compatible with the motherboard u can keep trying.. but wont work