Computer restarts when black sceen and white text appears

By techalpha69
Aug 12, 2009
  1. hi everyone i have this serious problem with my computer. My computer keeps restarting when it reaches the black screen with the white text eg: safe mode, last know working etc...... so i put in the windows xp cd and reapir the start up problem but then everytime i scan for viruses the computer keeps restarting i noticed it had a lot of virus on the computer and after restarting it hasa box saying Recover from a serious error what's the best thing to do?

    dell optiplex gx240
    40gb hard drive
    pc333 memory 256
  2. Ididmyc600

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    Well it sounds as though the OS is well and truly stuffed, your options are to

    backup and reinstall...this would mean removing the drive and attaching it to another pc and copying your data of it...then reinstall the OS from scratch making sure you delete all the partitions on the drive and then install the OS.

    next ....nope cant think of anything else in your situation....although im sure a fellow TS bod may be around to offer another solution.
  3. techalpha69

    techalpha69 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ok thanks for the tip
  4. raybay

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    You have a lot of issues... the main one being inadequate memory to run anything at all. 256 mb is simply not going to work for you if you have any of the Microsoft updates installed.
    The Optiplex GX240 will take two modules of SDRAM 512 MB.
    You need to upgrade your BIOS from the Dell support site. The current version is A05.
    THEN upgrade your memory to a minimum of 512 MB, but your really need the full 1 GB for good performance.
    Your hard drive, if the original, is way too old and small... and is probably defective.
    Considering getting a new EIDE hard drive... Seagate, Western Digital, or Samsung... no Hitachi, No Maxtor, No TriGem... in at least 80 GB 7200 rpm model.
    Use the Dell software you received with the machine to install Windows and upgrade the new machine.
    You have about 19 hours of work ahead of you. Take your time.
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