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By alexgoh
Oct 27, 2012
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  1. Hey guys, I'm not exactly sure where to post this but here goes. Recently I won a new computer at a recent gaming competition. Last night, I decided to try to overclock a bit. I used the ATI Catalyst Control to do the AMD overdrive. It was testing on 4.2Ghz and I decided to stop it. After restarting, the CPU Overdrive was enabled and I didn't really want to OC it so I just turned it off. However, now when I run Diablo 3, my game keeps freezing every so often. I've overclocked the computer manually before, to about 4.3Ghz at 1.35V(I think) and it was fine for awhile till it started to overheat (about 50 degrees if I recall correctly). That's when I noticed slight freezing in CS:GO and I reset the settings. So right now, I don't know if the issue is a CPU or a GPU overheating issue. Also, I downloaded the AMD OverDrive program and turned down my turbo boost to 19x multiplier (3.8Mhz) and 1.35V (as opposed to 1.425V).

    I logged the CPU temperature while running Diablo 3 and it seems its hovering around 25 degrees which seems fine to me. I also recently updated the ATI drivers last night to 12.10. Also, my computer runs on watercooling (have no idea how it works).

    I hope someone can shed some light on what I've done as clearly I'm an OC noob. I'd like to know what the are steps to troubleshoot and if I damaged anything on my computer. Below are the specifications of my computer:

    AMD3+ FX 8150
    ATI Radeon 7800 Series (Not sure which model exactly)
    Kingston HyperX RAM 8Gb (Not sure what clock speed but AMD OverDrive says KHX1600C9D3LK2/8GX if that helps)
    PSU 750W

    Thanks so much in advance.

    Update: I just flashed a new BIOS to my mobo and the problem is still imminent. It does not seem to happen when I play CS:GO. However, now I get random freezes on desktop like when I bring up Skype.
  2. alexgoh

    alexgoh TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 31

    Update: I believe I have solved the issue. Apparently, it was the new ATI Catalyst 12.10 that was causing the freezing issues. I rolled back my drivers to 12.8 and everything seems fine at the moment. Anyone can shed some light as to why this happens though? Thanks so much.
  3. St1ckM4n

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    Sometimes new updates screw up some things. Just like iOS6 wrecked a lot of stuff. It happens..

    By the way, there's a cool program to monitor system temperatures: SpeedFan.
  4. Marnomancer

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    Before any tailor-made solutions, let's perform some preliminary solutions.

    Effective Air Cooling Guide:
    Part I
    Part II

    Hope they help.

    Cheers! :)

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