Computer Shutting down and not restarting

Hi Everyone,

I have an issue I have not come across before. Two days ago my computer randomly shut down and didn't power back on after pressing the power button. I removed the power cable from the back of the computer and waited until the motherboard lost power. Plugged the power back in and was able to restart the system once again. It happened three more times that night.

I did a motherboard update to the Bios. The windows event manager give no information. I have my temps monitored and logged and it doesn't look like a temp thing at all. The motherboard is a x470 pro asus. This issue has been happening since it started two days ago. I can't get it to fail on demand but only seems to fail under load (I have been played Destiny 2 when it fails). It never fails when I am AFK in the game, only when I am actively doing something.

My thoughts is that the PSU might be failing or the motherboard might be going but I can't get narrow it down at all.

Any ideas on what this could be?


Cycloid Torus

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I would agree with your diagnosis and try an alternate PSU. I would also check Reliability History - as I might have missed something in event viewer.