Computer shutting off during high stress games

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Zycon with another problem again, go figure... Everytime I play either Age Of Conan, Call Of Duty 4, or any other cpu stressful games my computer shuts off after a short amount of gameplay. I can tell when it is about to. It normally makes a noise that sounds like a normal fan but when it is about to shut off during those games, that fan noise gets higher and higher pitched until it finally shuts down. Whats the deal here? I look at my cpu temp during the game (alt tab out) and it says 30-34 degrees. this wasnt a problem until after i overclocked it once but turned it back to normal clock. Help.


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Your PSU may be getting overloaded. What PSU do you have currently? And please post your system specs or put them in your profile so we can help you better.


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It's good to keep in mind that certain PC components including the PSU, as stated before, and video cards will try to cool themselves down when overheating... fan speeds increase to maintain stability/performance. Since you have ruled out the processor as the culprit (@<40deg) I would look at the temps for the GPU and maybe even the northbridge chip on the mobo. If everything checks out okay, turn to the PSU like Rage said.
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