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Jun 11, 2008
  1. i have a emachine T2885 it has 2.80GHz Intel celeron processor 80gb hard drive and it came with 512mb ram and i upgraded just recently to 1 gig and i'm running windows xp home edition. i down loaded free ram xp pro 1.52. its showing that i only have 490mb of ram left. when i get onto the internet and have like 2 windows open it goes down to 210mb and gets real slow. do i have to do something to tell the computer that i added ram? I've searched on here about what to do if your computer is slow and i have done all of them and its still slow.
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  3. rypivolks

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    yes i have. i have gone through all of those things. but what i don't get is that i put more ram in and it didn't improve?
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    do this go to my computer right click select properties and check if it shows all of the ram. If it does not then you may of added the wrong type of ram. Also did it just start to run slow or has it always been like that? Another thing is viruses and spyware can cause your system to run slow.
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    you can also use this tune up reg file i created that i use if you like.
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    I'd like to add that two of the most common sources of a 'slow computer' are:

    1. Too many programs starting at boot and running in the background. The only processes that need to be on start are the antivirus program, firewall, touchpad for laptop and network process if on network. All else can be called up when needed. Everything that starts at boot runs in the background.

    2. Presence of malware. You should scan with the antivirus program and at least 2 spyware/adware program, updating each right before the scan, to check for malware.

    One other possibility is recent Windows Updates. depending on what they are, one or more can be a source of problem.
  7. rypivolks

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    what do i do with the tune up file?
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    extract it and double click it, it will ask if you want to import the files click yes. It changes settings on the computer to make it run faster.
  9. rypivolks

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    it asked if i wanted to add it to my restiry? so thats all i do?
  10. xxdanielxx

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    yes then reboot
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