Computer starts then two seconds later shuts down

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Nov 30, 2009
  1. I turned on my computer this morning and too my horror it shut down after about 2 seconds.

    I have tried other ram and things, no difference, the hard drive is starting because it vibrates when you lift it, all the fans are starting up fine.

    I tried taking out all the wires and re-seating them, and I have noticed something - you know the yellow and black came with the 4 pins that goes into the motherdrive, when I take that out the machine stays on but theres no graphics on screen, but when I plug it back in - it just shuts down again.

    Anyone know what is going on? or how to fix this?
  2. kimsland

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    You mean the four pin plug that powers the CPU on the Motherboard?

    Try having a check on the CPU fan, it may be faulty
    To test it, you could unplug the CPU Fan, and try turning on the computer (do note that this will only be a few seconds test)

    Other than that, I'd say Power Supply faulty
  3. oneunited

    oneunited TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I have just tried another power supply and the same thing is happening.

    any other ideas?
  4. kimsland

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  5. jasonbernal

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    i would benchtest the board too
  6. bridgetbruston

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    Possible solution of this issue:
    1. Clear the CMOS by removing the battery/pressing the BIOS reset button on the motherboard
    2. Reconnect all the wiring
    3. Disassemble everything and boot with only bare necessities (Mobo, PSU, video card, stick of RAM, CPU)
    4. General inspection of the system and its accessories.
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