Computer suddenly dead

By MikeSoul
May 31, 2009
  1. I came down to my computer this morning and noticed a few things were off.

    Although the LED at the front of the case was lit, the computer was silent (no fans spinning, no hard disk on). The keyboard's LED was lit, as well as the LED of an external hard disk i had connected. The optical mouse, on the other hand didn't not seem to have any power.

    Now when i try to turn the computer on, the fan starts to spin (for a split second) then stops. No hard disk activity, and no LED on the mobo is lit.

    I'm hoping this is something to do with the powersupply, though the fact that some peripherals have power worries me. The PSU is a 400 / 450 W (can't remember) EzCool. It's relatively new, but on the cheap side.

    Any ideas?

  2. SNGX1275

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    Since this apparently suddenly happened, I'd venture that you are correct in assuming the power supply. That the fans spin for a bit then stop is pretty common on dead PSUs, and LEDs require very little power to run so that doesn't concern me. The LED on the mobo is generally worthless to diagnose PSU issues, but since yours isn't lit that does indicate there is a problem, but I'm not convinced that means it is the PSU - it could be a bad motherboard, although they tend to fail much less than PSUs.
  3. MikeSoul

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    Thanks for the reply! I just switched the power supply with one of another computer yet the same thing happens. I suppose this means it's a faulty motherboard as you pointed out.

    Currently researching replacement mobos for the ASRock P4VM-900!

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