Computer taken over but I think it is clean now

By AaronDelta
Apr 22, 2009
  1. Comp.Hijacked & 8 Steps done, would like some help now.


    Running Win XP Home with Media Center on an Acer Aspire 5102WLMi with an AMD Turion 64x2 TL-50 1.6GHz. I do not know motherboard or other info. If you know how to find it let me know so I can post that info as well.

    I have read all the guides prior to posting and did what was asked. I had posted logs onto another forum but have had no response. For the last three days I have been running Malwarebytes, Super Anti virus and other programs over and over again. I ran them separately and each one takes about 3 hours to complete. Also I did some work on my folders as some of them were hidden by a virus. I have all folders back now except 3, 2 are system volume information one on C: and one on D: both of them are access denied the third one is a pagefile.sys on C: that is 2.818 million in size. I do have logs of when the virus was present if needed. I would like a review of these logs to make sure I got the virus. This is from my original post on other web forum. -

    [I downloaded a video and then MS Media player stated I need media usage rights to play video. Of course I trusted MS(mistake there) and installed Video Com Version 1.90 I clicked to download and a program was installed. I do not recall the name as I uninstalled it. i tried to get it again but because of the hijack it will not go to the site to download. I did see this listed at the top of the popup window, a website called Image attached. Problems - internet, Mozilla Firefox & IE8 gets redirectied(i was lucky to get this site), cannot run MS system restore, Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware, MS malicious checker and various folders are hidden.]

    This is what I did to get hidden folders back - I first typed in dir/ah at C:\ prompt and it showed the hidden folders. I then typed this in C:\>attrib * -h -s /S /D It worked on all but the 3 remaining files. I also did this for my D:.

    I thank you in advance for your time and assistance. Aaron
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