Computer troubles

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So I just built my first computer and im having a bit of troubles, it's running fine right now, but just not as well as it should be. At the moment my quad core HP computer seems to be running circles around it as far as processing time is concerned. When I first booted it up and tried running Modern Warfare 2 at 1900x1200 with everything turned up all the way I was getting 5-10 fps, then I reinstalled the driver, updated the mb and set it to defaults and I was getting 40-80 like I was expecting. It just doesen't seem like its working fast enough especially when my quad core is running programs faster. Any suggestions on what I should do with a newly built computer to get it up to snuff would be really appreciated.

It's got:
Intel i7 920 (just using the intel heat sink)
EVGA X58 micro mb
Corsair 6gb dominator (1600 mhz)
Corsair 850w psu
WD Caviar black 1tb

Also any overclocking guides for my cpu and ram would be nice, something a little bit beginner friendly maybe? Thanks in advance guys
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