Computer won't boot, faulty CPU or motherboard?

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Jul 11, 2009
  1. I just put together a computer and it won't work. After connecting everything to the computer and i tried to turn it on it would turn on the power LED for about 1 second then turn off. I can see the power supply fan start to turn but then it just stops when the LED goes out. I have disconnected the fans, memory, HDD, DVD drive. the only thing connected is the processor and power and it did the same thing. I have tested the power supply with a power supply tester and that shows up to be just fine. when I take out the processor the light stays on just fine. when i put the processor back in it does it again. does this mean that the processor is dead or does it mean that there is a short or some kind of damage to the motherboard. the motherboard is refurbished so maybe it's not in the best shape?
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    what are you hardware specifications?

    everyting, Cpu, motherboard, psu, gpu, ram,
  3. DeusDingo

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    You only really need the motherboard, CPU, PSU because it does it without the ram and there is no GPU

    Abit NF-95 Socket 939/C51G/SATA2/A&V&L/MATX motherboard
    AMD 3800+ CPU socket 939 CPU
    Rosewill RV350 350W ATX 1.3 Power Supply
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    You need to have the cylinder looking things screw to the case, then put the mobo between those and the screws, I made the mistake of using only the screws and it won't start.
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