Computer wont bootup

By jmoore54721
Dec 23, 2009
  1. Hey guys im new here, after seeing my problem I couldnt find a answer, I'm basically a computer noob, I know how to do the simple things like change gfx card / memory and add a new hd.

    My pc has been overheating alot, so i decided to take all the components apart which was pretty simple.. but in the process I removed all the plugs off the motherboard (dont ask why.. seemed a smart idea at the time, now I've plugged the obvious ones back in, and searched google for some others, but now im just getting 1 long continuous beep, I have some screens below of the pc to see if you can spot the problem.

    Specs -

    Motherboard - ABIT I-N73H
    Processor - Intel Quad Core Q6600
    Graphics Card - 8800GT
    Memory - 2GB (1 stick)
    PSU - 600w

    1 Loud continuous beep with no shutdown, I've tryed replacing the graphics card properly, also tried another one and got the same beep. Also removed and replaced the ram back in numerous times..

    When I plug the power supply in a red light comes on in the corner of the motherboard which i will mark in the screenshots.

    Please help, so annoyed!
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