Computer wont reformat after getting a virus

By adecoy95
Mar 26, 2010
  1. so my computer got a virus from an exe because of me doing something stupid, anyways, the first thing it did was give me a blue screen, then, whenever i restarted my computer after the windows loading screen appeared it would blue screen, so i decided to reformat, thats the easy way to get rid of it right?

    apparently not, when it got to the point were it was "starting windows" after loading all the stuff from the cd, it would blue screen some kind of 0000007b error, i looked it up and was told i could use a program called DBAN to clean the hard drive completely, well i did that.

    now it has let me get to select partition part on the cd, but when i selected the unpartitioned space and begin a quick reformat, it gives me an unknown error at 20%

    i dont know what to do, this is really frustrating and i could use any help i can get!!!

    if it helps, these are the tools i have to work with.

    i have an external dvdrw drive, a portable hard drive, and a 256mb flash drive, no floppy drive but an internal dvd drive.

    please help :(
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