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Apr 10, 2009
  1. Ok, so I finally got frustrated enough to reinstall Vista today. I had been hoping I wouldn't have to, but it got to that know, THAT point. Things were so slow and nothing seemed to work how it should have.

    Well, I reinstalled, Vista Ultimate x64. Plugged back in my 3 other HDDs (I have to unplug them during the install or when it restarts halfway through it tries to boot the IDE drives instead of the SATA one.) Set everything up the way I like it, my homepages in IE, etc. etc. Well, I go to install some Windows Updates, and there are a lot of them, and the thing locks up (explorer.exe, not just update). I tried ending the explorer.exe process and it closed everything along with my icons and my taskbar, but it still showed up in my task manager. I turned off the computer the old-fashioned way (you know, holding the button for 5 seconds). I took it apart completely and cleaned it inside and out. Took both side panels off and the front cover, cleaned dust from the fans, PSU, heatsink, graphics card, and case. Cleaned the old silver thermal compund off my CPU and heatsink and put new stuff on, replaced everything and turned it on. Well apart from a few mistakes like putting one of the fans on backwards (it's supposed to blow out I had it blowing in) and 2 of the fans being annoying as hell with their ticking sounds (I still don't know why they do that), it turned on just fine. I load it up and try to install Sony Vegas 8.0, my movie editor, well I have some problems entering my authentication code because it never asked me for a serial number...well, I fixed that and I go to install the updates again...gets to 46% installing the .NET 3.5 update and freezes. The progress bar is still going, but when I click cancel it doesn't do anything, and when I try to close the window...nothing. At this point I'm getting pissed. So I restart my computer, the thing takes 10 minutes at the stupid "windows is configuring updates" screen before shutting down, then another 10 minutes after starting up to "configuring updates" again! Now I'm really angry. Ok, so I calmly walk away, have a smoke, pet my cat for a while, and try again. This time the updates install, but 41 updates takes almost an hour to install (that's not including download time, that went in about 5 minutes for about 181 MB. MS needs to speed up their update servers). Just the install time took almost an hour.

    So, frustrated at everything, I decide to try what made me decide to reinstall in the first place, rendering out a video in Vegas. I chose the shortest video I had ready, 27 seconds. Rendering to WMV at 5Mbps and 1280x720 30p it took 8 minutes! 8 minutes to render 27 seconds! That's rediculous. This computer used to be able to render 27 seconds in about 30 seconds.

    8GB 6400 RAM
    3.0GHz dual core CPU (AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+)

    I was rendering from a 1TB 3.0Gbps SATA HDD to the same HDD (and I also tried to another SATA HDD, 3.0Gbps, 500GB, same thing).

    I'm getting really really frustrated. Another thing bugging me is hwo quickly the space on my C: drive dissapears. I install small programs to the C: drive, but games and stuff go on the 1TB drive. When I was finished reinstalling Vista I had 16GB free, now I have 1.54GB and the little bar is red. I hate that, all I did was install updates!

    Please, if anyone knows what might be a potential problem, or something I can do to speed it up, please PLEASE help me, I'm abou to throw this thing off the balcony. That would be bad because I've put about $4000 into it monitors and all.

    Ah this is insane!
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    I'm really sorry you're pissed and frustrated and getting bugged, but so am I having to read all the needless content you included! For the next time you post, please read:

    How To Make A Good Post:

    And when you have a 'major problem', please don't add "Oh, and another thing...." You spent a lot of money, decided to reinstall Vista because you either had a major problem and a reinstall was the only thing that worked-OR-you don't know how to troubleshoot so decided to throw it all out and start over!
  3. HaLo2FrEeEk

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    I reinstall quite frequently. I do a lot of things on my computer like registry editing and whatnot and sometimes I mess up. It's my foolproof fix, or at least it was.

    I just want help. My Sony Vegas is giving me issues, it'll render up to 70% then freeze. The remaining time will still go down, and elapsed time will still go up, but it won't render. I've left it for 8 hours.
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    Reinstalling should only be done when nothing else resolves a problem.
    Registry editing is not recommended.
    None of this is foolproof- in face, the more you do of it, the more change there is for errors.

    Remove the updates- use System Restore if there are any restore points set. If 'all you did was install updates' then something else came along!

    Open the Task Manager > double click on the frame of the CPU column to sort in descending order.Under this tab, in a normal idle position, processes should really stay quite low 1-10 and normally taskmgr.exe will be at the top.

    To troubleshoot your problem you can check and see what .exe program is using up all this space and lagging everything. When you find this out you can use the name of your program and type it into google! Example would be anti-virus program. For some reason it's using a lot of CPU. So I type in avgcc.exe into google and then you can try and match what your problem would be with what the people are saying in the google search.

    HOW did you fix this?

    That's a LOT of RAM! Can your motherboard handle this much RAM?
    Have you run memtest to see if the sticks are all good?

    Do you really mean Sony "VEGAS"? Sony Vegas Pro 8 professional digital video editing software
    Or is it Sony "Vaio"? Sony puts a lot of trash on the Vaio. Most users don't use most of it or know it's there.

    Before you start on this: Take a long break. Give your cat the benefit of an extended rubbing of the ears and under the chin. This will delight the cat and de-stress you so that you will be more focused to go through this in a more efficient way.
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  6. Bobbye

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    Thank you kimsland. I have updated my links.
  7. HaLo2FrEeEk

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    In order:

    Of course registry editing isn't recommended for most people, but I know what i'm doing...but everyone makes mistakes and you never learn anything unless you try stuff. I usually don't mess stuff up that way though, sometimes I'll install too many programs eating up disk space, or just something...there's always something. One way or the other, sometimes it's just time for a reinstall. Like I said, I do it about once every 2 or 3 months.

    Removed System Restore, fixed the disk problem. I still don't have the 16gigs I had, but that's probably because of all the installed updates and programs. Whatev, I have about 9 gigs free now on that drive.

    Idle my CPU sits at about 5% usage +/- 5%, right now it's at 100% because I'm rendering in Vegas and my antivirus software is running it's automatic daily scan, plus I'm listening to music and have IE opened.

    Really, right now, the only programs taking up CPU are AVG scanner and Vegas. When i's idle I open it up and at the top of the list is System Idle Process, which is the percent of the time the CPU is idle. Below that is task manager at about 2%, then a little bit from others.

    Fixed by applying a patch, it was an issue with the installer. I upgraded from 8.0a to 8.0c and the c variant had an issue. After that it asked for a serial number which I put in and then it accepted my Auth. code. All good.

    Yes it is. Yes it can. Not recently. I know how to use memtest, I have it burned to a CD in my case, I'm just always using my computer for something I don't like to turn it off unless I have to.

    I mean sony vegas, the video editing program. I wouldn't buy a sony computer...ever.

    You could call me an advanced computer...user sounds too common, idk, so you don't have to explain anything in detail. I mean, there is very little I don't understand about computers.

    I think the problem with Vegas might have been a few things. It seems to freeze after the actual file writing starts, so it might be an issue with free disk space. Like I said my C: drive only has about 9 gigs free and the rendering data takes up quite a bit, so it might have been that was the problem. I changed it to my terrabyte drive that has about 200 gigs free space, that should help. It might simply be an issue with rendering out to WMV, or there might have been a corrupt frame or frames somewhere in my videos...something. I changed my project files to use the original recorded .M2TS stream files instead of the converted WMV versions and I'm rendering out to MOV right now and it's on number 4...going extremely slowly but at least it's going, right?

    I also ran HDTune and it said that the drive was fine with no issues and read and write speeds were normal across the idk.
  8. kimsland

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  9. HaLo2FrEeEk

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    AVG has always given me good protection, so I think I'll stick with it. It catches the viruses before they run, or if they're downloaded from a webpage...never had a problem with it.

    And like I said, I'm not a beginner when it comes to computers, I have a 64 bit OS, as it says in my system specs. I don't mean to snap, I appreciate the help, but I don't like being talked to like I don't know anything about computers. I trust AVG, they always seem to be right on top of things. I know that with any free virus protection there is more of a risk than paying, but paying for anything isn't really an option for me right now. I have a version of Kaspersky that I got for free from when I worked at Circuit City that I haven't installed yet, so I might very well do that.
  10. kimsland

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    Who said pay?

    Anyway you must have missed the multiple threads where I proved AVG was bad
    And countless (really hundreds) of Virus\Malware threads where the users confirmed that Avira found more Viruses even after AVG was previously installed

    Anyway, I'm 100% positive, but if you want to stick with AVG, that's your choice.

    Did I mention that AVG is really bad? Just in case I didn't. Its bad alright, and confirmed over and over.

    But if you don't have the time to try it, oh well, I just think that's sad, and your choice :D
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    It sure is hard to help someine who is asking for help when they complain about the replies! If you want to find out what's running on your compouter, STOP RENDERING and see what's using the CPU.
  12. HaLo2FrEeEk

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    Nothing! Nothing is using the CPU when I'm not rendering. I render and it goes from idle 5% to 100%, then I click cancel and it goes back to idle 5%. Nothing else is using it, meaning Vegas is using it all.

    I'm not complaining about getting replies, just talk to me like I know about computers, you don't have to explain the difference between x86 and x64 or tell me that most people use x86.

    I just wanna get this fixed.
  13. Bobbye

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    Obviously we're miscommunication. When a system is prepared for shutdown- that is, all active Windows closed, no programs open and email closed, the CPU should have 3 entries in the Task Manager:
    System Idle
    Together they add up to 100% in the CPU column.

    Anything else over 1-2% is running in the background.

    I thought the idea was to find what else might be running that you were unaware of, causing the system to freeze. Apparently I was wrong.
  14. HaLo2FrEeEk

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    The system doesn't freeze though, Vegas does. Vegas will decide to simply stop rendering after a certain point. It'll stop on 52% and sit there forever if I don't stop it manually.
  15. Bobbye

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  16. HaLo2FrEeEk

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    1st link: person's computer wasn't powerful enough to handle large videos, and Vegas 6 is a very old version.

    2nd link: person's computer froze during other things than just rendering in Vegas, so most likely is caused by a virus or some system task taking up too many resources and Vegas is not the real issue.

    3rd link: Unless he's using a very new version of Vegas, AVHD support is shotty, so the computer would freeze.

    4th link: ...had absolutely nothing to do with the question I had.

    And I'm not sure I'm explaining myself properly, or maybe you're not reading my responses:

    My computer isn't freezing! Sony Vegas, you know, the video editing program, is freezing. I can still use my computer and I can close the application cancelling the halted render. Nothing about my computer is freezing, everything works except Vegas. I wouldn't even technically call it freezing, what Vegas is doing, it's more like it's just hanging, like it thinks it's still rendering because the timer keeps going down, but it's not.

    So, just as a recap, my PC is not freezing. I can do anything I want to while Vegas is hanging while rendering a file. I can open another instance of Vegas, I can browse the internet, I can play a game, I can listen to music or watch a movie. The only thing wrong is that Vegas is hanging up while trying to render a file.

    Regardless of all that though, I think I managed to get it to work. I installed the updated Vegas 8.1, which is designed for x64 PCs and started a batch render task and it's on number 11 out of 16, no issues yet. And it's a LOT faster, too, so I think I'm good for now.

    Thank you, both of you, for your help.
  17. Bobbye

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    Thank you for the update. I'm sorry I wasn't of more help.
  18. HaLo2FrEeEk

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    Yeah, and sorry I was a ****. I get frustrated when things don't work as they should...especially my computer.
  19. Bobbye

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    Sure hope you don't have a dog!
  20. HaLo2FrEeEk

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    Why? I have a cat and when I get a house instead of an apartment we're getting a dog...
  21. Bobbye

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    Well, I was 'pulling your leg.' Usually people who can't handle their frustration tend to 'overflow' to every one and every thing around- including pets.
  22. HaLo2FrEeEk

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    I just hit my desk, it usually hurts my hand so I don't do it again for a while. I'd never hurt my kitty. I wuv him.
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